78 Funny Meal Prep Memes

By: Jeremy Fox, CNC, CPTPublished: February 3, 2022

For those striving to be fit, meal prep is part of our daily vocabulary and weekly routine. But most of us have a love/hate relationship with meal prepping.

We love to eat clean and see results from our hard work. Yet, we hate the tedious nature of planning and preparing.

I dedicated this entire article to the funniest meal prep memes on the internet. So we can all stop taking ourselves so seriously and have a laugh!

Also, I’ve grouped the memes into 7 categories called Feels, Fails, Lifestyle, Reality, Tupperware, Cheats, and Prep Day.

Meal Prep Feels Memes

In this first category are the memes about how meal prep makes you feel. Some feelings are good… some not so good.

1. Victory Lap

When you finish prepping your meals for the week (or even the day) you might feel like taking a victory lap. Go on and feel good about yourself.

Meal Prep Meme Beyonce 2

2. Smell What The Rock Is Cooking

Once you hit your groove in the kitchen, you might feel as confident as Dwayne Johnson rocking this chef’s hat.

Meal Prep Memes The Rock

3. Portion Control

Most calorie restriction diets make you feel like you could prep your meals in a dollhouse kitchen. On the plus side, your grocery bill would be tiny!

Meal Prep Memes Dieting

4. Meal Prep Made Simple

If you’re going tiny with your meal prep, you might as well make it simple. How nice, this meal prep container has a compartment for each slice of cucumber.

Meal Prep Meme Cucumber

5. Time Wasted

Has this ever happened to you? You put in the time and energy to prep your meals then you forget to grab them when you leave the house!

Meal Prep Memes Forgot Lunch

6. Un-thawed Meat

A similar feeling is when you have everything ready to go and you realize you forgot to thaw out the meat. In this case, “un-thawed” probably would be the correct usage of the verb.

Meal Prep Memes Forgot Lunch

7. Chicken Or… Chicken

What’s on the menu today, chicken or… chicken? When meal prep consists of nothing more than plain chicken, rice, and broccoli you might feel as drab as this guy.

Meal Prep Memes Chicken And Rice

8. Six Times Per Day

With repetitive meal plans, you may feel like throwing up at just the thought of one more bite of broccoli. I like how this recipe also calls for three almonds. 😂

Meal Prep Meme 3 Almonds

9. Variety Is The Spice Of Life

After weeks of eating the same thing, you might feel like giving up before you even get done prepping! Don’t be like this lady, spice things up by rotating your meals or combining new ingredients.

Meal Prep Memes Feels

10. Post Prep

Meal prep can feel like a workout in itself. When you finish, take a well-deserved nap.

Meal Prep Memes Post Prep

11. Survival of the Fittest

When trying to have it all leaves you looking a little strung out.

Meal Prep Memes SpongeBob

12. Not On My Watch

You get that fork outta here! These are my gains.

Meal Prep Memes SpongeBob

Meal Prep Fail Memes

There’s no single best way to meal prep. That being said, there are some wrong ways… here are a bunch of examples.

13. Breakfast of Champions

This girl must be on the “Grumpy Old Men” bacon and beer meal plan. Good thing she packed light beer.

Meal Prep Meme Coors Light Bacon

14. Peeled

If only the banana came in an easy-to-transport eco-friendly container… oh wait.

Meal Prep Meme Coors Light Bacon

15. Carnivore Diet

Why bother with carbs when you can eat bacon for every meal. Technically this would fit within the carnivore meal plan, but I wouldn’t call it excellent.

Meal Prep Memes Bacon

16. Pizza Pizza

There’s a fine line between meal prep and leftovers… I’m pretty sure the reheated pizza slice falls squarely in the leftovers category though!

Meal Prep Memes Pizza

17. Self Awareness

It’s hard to say this cute pup failed at meal prep. He even put a little powdered donut in there for dessert! At least he’s aware something went wrong.

Meal Prep Meme Dog Pizza

18. Why Though?

Wouldn’t it save time just to pour the milk when you need it? Also, why did he put the cereal in the fridge??

Meal Prep Memes Cereal

19. Repurposed

While this individual failed to meal prep, I give them credit for finding a new way to use their meal prep containers. However, I find eating three different types of cereal in a sitting quite strange.

Meal Prep Memes Containers

20. Mixing It Up

Another attempt at fast food meal prep. But this time at least they got creative enough to mix up the menu each day!

Meal Prep Memes Pizza Burgers

21. Pre-Boiled H20

If you don’t have time to meal prep, then you definitely don’t have time for this “life hack”.

Meal Prep Memes Water

22. Meal Prep on a Budget

This person might not be good at meal prep, but they sure know how to set a food budget.

Meal Prep Meme Money

23. Caveman Diet

When you’re on a bulking meal plan, it can feel like you’re prepping 20 lbs of meat a week. But this steak looks like it came from a brontosaurus. 

Meal Prep Meme Grill

24. Cook Out Meal Prep

This next meal prep meme isn’t a pre-cooked meal at all. Instead, it looks like a grocery store sold a steak and potato with two beers all in one shrink-wrapped package. That’s actually genius!

Meal Prep Memes Steak

25. Meal Prep Mishap

This meal doesn’t look half bad, that is if you don’t mind finger food. 😂

Meal Prep Meme No Chill

26. Mexican Meal Prep

Here’s another person who found a way to fit beer into their meal plan. Aside from that, those tacos actually look pretty healthy and tasty.

Meal Prep Meme Corona

27. Mini Tacos

These tacos also look pretty good, albeit tiny. And this time they’re served with a shot of tequila.

Meal Prep Memes Tequila

28. Booze Break

Why settle for a shot when you can have the whole bottle? Throw in a KitKat bar and some pills for good measure. I hope those are ibuprofen to help with the hangover!

Meal Prep Memes Vodka

29. Party Girl Prep

Next up it looks like we’ve got a college coed prepping for a rave. This “meal” contains less than 150 calories complete with candy, hard seltzer, mystery pills, and vape pens.

Meal Prep Memes White Claw

30. Sweet Tooth

Gushers are one of those candies that make you want to keep eating. Although I must say I think this is more gushers than I could stomach. 🤢

Meal Prep Memes Gushers

31. For A Good Cause

Yet another person stumbling aboard the meal prep bandwagon. At least they’re supporting the local girl scout troop.

Meal Prep Memes Girl Scout Cookies

32. Eat Clean

It’s always a good idea to wash your food before you eat it. If only it was this easy to #eatclean.

Meal Prep Memes Clean Eating

33. Doom’s Day Prep

This guy looks more like he’s prepping for the apocalypse than for his next day of meals. I’m sure his bunker is also stocked with MREs.

Meal Prep Memes Gun

Meal Prep Lifestyle Memes

Now that you’ve seen all the ways you can fail with meal prep let’s get back to people living that meal prep life.

34. Two of a Kind

When you thought someone was a total doucher, but it turns out they have the same unusual hobbies as you.

Meal Prep Meme Step Brothers

35. Can I Have A Bite?

That feeling when she asks for a bite of your food. How many grams of protein are in one morsel of chicken?

Meal Prep Memes Gains

36. Meal Prep & Chill

If the answer is yes, lock it down!

Meal Prep Memes Netflix

37. Hidden Gains

If you’re like me, you do your best to get a piece of chicken with every bite. So if one sneaks by it truly is a hidden gem!

Meal Prep Memes Netflix

38. So Accurate

There is a spoon hanging precariously on the edge of my sink at all times because I’ll be using it again in 2 hours. 🤣

Meal Prep Memes Butter Knife

39. Practice Makes Perfect

You don’t have to be a master chef to start meal prepping. But you’ll sure feel like one after a few weeks of putting in the kitchen time.

Meal Prep Memes Chef

40. Food As Fuel

When you start seeing the vitamin and fiber content of your food, you’ve reached meal prep black belt status. Just try to dumb it down enough that you can actually taste your food.

Meal Prep Memes Macros

41. Happiness

It only takes a little foresight to see that putting in the hard work now makes you happy later. But it takes a lot of commitment to actually execute that vision.

Meal Prep Meme Full Fridge

42. Like A Boss

That feeling when you leave the grocery store with a cart full of healthy food.

Meal Prep Meme Full Fridge

43. It’s Go Time

Put on a happy face, it’s time to start meal prepping. Now let’s see how long your face stays that way!

Meal Prep Memes Prep Time

Meal Prep Reality Memes

Those last few meal prep memes may have glamorized the lifestyle a bit too much. So let’s look at some memes that show the darker reality of meal prepping.

44. Expectation vs Reality

All those recipes on Pinterest look so delicious until you actually make them in your own kitchen.

Meal Prep Memes Expectation vs Reality

45. What’s Difficult 

Lifting weights is hard work, but sticking to a meal plan takes at least as much dedication.

Meal Prep Meme What Is Difficult

46. Prep & Clean Up

Often it feels like you get 10 dishes dirty to get one plate of food. But if your return on investment is this small, you might want to rethink your process!

Meal Prep Memes 2 Hours

47. Multitasking

Sometimes it can be hard to fit all your meals in, so you have to multitask.

Meal Prep Meme Food In Bed

48. No Plan?

You don’t have to meal prep for the whole week in order to eat healthy. But having a plan and meals in the fridge sure does make it easier.

Meal Prep Meme Willy Wonka

49. Results

Of course, meal prepping is a lot of work and it gets tiring. But it’s a small price to pay to look good in your jeans. And now I’m picturing Kermit in jeans.

Meal Prep Memes Jeans

50. Social Life

The meal prep life can feel like the opposite of a social life. Which would you choose?

Meal Prep Memes Kevin Hart

51. They Don’t Get It

When your friends and family see you meal prep, they probably think all the measuring and precision is overkill. But as Jesse learned, that’s what makes a good product!

Meal Prep Memes Breaking Bad

52. Grocery Bill

Eating clean can be expensive. And it’s also draining going to the store, checking labels, and navigating crowds. Enough to make you crash on the couch with a pizza.

Meal Prep Memes Groceries

53. Running On Fumes

Sometimes it feels like you have 3 or 4 responsibilities that each require 100% of your attention. Even a full carafe of coffee doesn’t cut it on those days.

Meal Prep Memes Mom

54. Work With What You Got

The fridge isn’t always stocked with fresh veggies and thawed chicken breast. In that case, you gotta make do with what you got. Pizza rolls it is.

Meal Prep Memes Kids

55. No Time!

This is by far the most common reason people fail at meal prep. More often it’s the reason they don’t even try.

Meal Prep Memes No Time

56. Procrastination

Most people choose to meal prep on Sundays. But Sundays are also the best day of the week for procrastination!

Meal Prep Memes Procrastination

57. Pros & Cons

Like everything in life, meal prep has pros and cons.

Meal Prep Memes Pros And Cons

58. Reality Check

Every week seems to start off with good intentions. But as soon as time or ingredients run short, the plan goes off the rails.

Meal Prep Memes Reality Check

59. I Have Prepping Skills

It can be difficult to explain to people what it is you actually do here.

Meal Prep Memes Skills

60. No Idea

Before you can meal prep, you have to come up with ideas for recipes. Suggestions welcome!

Meal Prep Memes Week

Meal Prep Tupperware Memes

You can always spot a meal prepper based on their collection of Tupperware and meal prep containers. So here are a few meal prep memes celebrating those little plastic dishes.

61. Doing The “Dishes”

If your sink looks like the aftermath of a potluck party, you might be a bodybuilder.

Meal Prep Meme Dishes

62. Everything Is A Container

When you start seeing everyday objects as meal prep containers, you never have to worry about doing dishes. Unfortunately, I drive a Ford.

Meal Prep Meme Out Of Tupperware

63. Interesting Theory

I wonder what would happen if you washed your socks in the dishwasher… 🤔

Meal Prep Meme Tupperware Lids

64. Superiority Complex

When you pull that Tupperware out in front of other people they will look at you like you think you’re better than them. Little do they know you’re feeling super self-conscious on the inside.

Meal Prep Meme Tupperware

65. Family Gatherings

Be prepared to explain at least 19 times why you’re not eating granny’s homecooked meal. You might as well be a squirrel living underwater.

Meal Prep Memes Sandy

Meal Prep Cheat Memes

Meal prep comes with a certain set of rules. And rules are meant to be broken. So here are some meal prep memes about cheating.

66. Rounding Up

When I was meal prepping for a physique contest, one tablespoon of peanut butter was as much as I could physically fit on one spoon.

Meal Prep Memes Tablespoon

67. Different Kind Of Preparation

Technically you could prepare for any meal. Even McDonald’s.

Meal Prep Memes Tablespoon

68. Balance

Eating clean deserves a reward, right? Still, that’s no excuse not to wear your seatbelt, Kermit! And where are those jeans you were so smug about earlier?

Meal Prep Memes Kermit

69. Repent

As long as you express regret and remorse for your cheat meals, you can be saved!

Meal Prep Memes Jesus

70. How Convenient

When you “accidentally” forget to meal prep so you can go to Chick-fil-A.

Meal Prep Memes Fast Food

71. Window Shopping

Sometimes just browsing recipes makes you feel good about yourself. Even if you have no intention of meal prepping.

Meal Prep Memes Chinese Food

72. Self Control

Without pre-planned portions, we rely purely on self-control. And that can be in short supply during a diet.

Meal Prep Memes Cheat

73. Bad Influence

There’s always a devil on the other shoulder telling you to do the bad thing or take the easy way out.

Meal Prep Meme Hamburger Helper

Meal Prep Day Memes

Many people choose to meal prep one day for the whole week – usually Sunday or Monday. So here is a collection of memes honoring meal prep day.

74. This Is Sparta

Get yourself pumped up with a rallying cry to all your fellow meal preppers.

Meal Prep Memes Meal Prep Day

75. Get Cookin’

Walter White knows when it’s time to cook. So does an experienced meal prepper.

Meal Prep Memes Cook

76. Guess What Day It Is

What’s better than hump day? Meal prep day, of course!

Meal Prep Memes Guess What Day It Is

77. A Case Of The Mondays

When you forget to meal prep on Sunday and you have to improvise on Monday.

Meal Prep Memes Subway

78. Jedi Mind Trick

Master Yoda lived to be 900 years old. If longevity is your goal, then you may want to follow his sage advice.

Meal Prep Memes Subway

Leg Day Memes

Keep the laughs going with 55+ leg day memes worthy of sharing with your friends.

Leg Day Meme

Rest Day Memes

Don’t miss these rest day memes celebrating the good and bad parts of taking a day off the gym.

Rest Day Meme

Pre-Workout Memes

The most comprehensive collection of pre-workout memes on the internet. Sorted and categorized to make it easy for you to find your favorite.

Pre Workout Meme

That concludes my list of meal prep memes. I hope you found a few worth sharing! For more shareable content, check out my other fitness relatedrticles below.

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