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Nutritioneering has helped me progress in my fitness goals more than any other program I’ve tried. Jeremy clearly explains his training and nutrition philosophy, and I can attest to how well it works.

More than just tracking macros, this program gives you insight into when you should be getting specific macros to help fuel your training and provides easy meal recipes to ensure you hit them.

This program also provides regular helpful original and well-researched articles on all kinds of nutrition and fitness topics that allow me to refute the common bro-science nonsense you hear at the gym.

Personally, I’ve experienced a dramatic increase in energy and endurance in my workouts and attribute it completely to this program. Jeremy, the owner, is extremely responsive by email and has helped me cater my plan as my specific training changes. I am so thankful to have had this program, especially during the Pandemic.

I highly recommend giving this a try.

Drake Metzger

This is the only diet plan that has worked for me at my age! It’s been 3 weeks, and I’ve lost 4.4 lbs without ever feeling hungry.

The plan is simple and very detailed with a lot of helpful articles. The owner actually responds to your questions too! It’s like having my own personal trainer/nutritionist. He’ll probably eventually be too busy to continue that kind of correspondence once his company blows up so take advantage now!

So glad I randomly came across this program online. You just have to stay committed like any other program.

Oh, the creator of this program is an aerospace engineer and a fitness competitor. Hello! Go look at his IG pics. Seems pretty trustworthy to me!

Nancy Lee Woods

I just started, but I already feel better, and my post-workout meals make me more excited to start my workouts.


It’s so easy to just follow the plan. I don’t have to do the calorie count and what amount of each food. I’ve lost a total of 17 lbs [in 6 weeks]!!!

Thank you so much for the meal plan!

Tanesha Fennell

As a busy Healthcare provider, I place a huge emphasis on a proper diet/exercise.

Before being introduced to Nutritioneering, it was easy to put aside during busy/stressful times. Which, in my experience, resulted in fatigue, brain fog, and poor progress in the gym.

The calculators and tools utilized by Nutritioneering are top-notch and take into account multiple factors most other calculators neglect.

I’ve noticed a significant increase in energy, stamina, and strength gains since beginning Nutritioneering. I highly recommend giving it a try.

Matthew Hintz

My experience with Nutritioneering has been nothing short of excellent. The calculators are unlike any other website, as they include body type, daily activity level, & amount of time spent in the gym (how many days a week & duration of exercise on those days).

I’ve been using Nutritioneering plans going on 5 years now, through bulking and getting into contest shape. Whatever your goal is, Nutritioneering has a plan for you.

With Dylan after Contest

The carb cycling seems to be working quite well. I am new to the plan but I am noticing I definitely feel better and I am starting to drop a few pounds. I look forward to seeing more results. The Elite Plan has been great since the work is done for you. This is really key to my success. Thank you, Jeremy!

Sheryl Crotta

The customer service is great and very understanding. They respond very quick to emails and are willing to help you with any problems you face!!

Artur Vardanian

Jeremy’s success is due to the way he works through the process of training and nutrition. Through his background in engineering, he’s developed a very systematic approach to creating nutrition plans that are specific and tailored to his client’s needs and deliver results!

Dustin Pederson, Classic Physique Champion
Dustin Pederson

This is exactly what I have been looking for and needing! It’s only been 1 week and I am loving it!

If you’re looking for structure and discipline in your diet, this is perfect. All of my meals are super easy and delicious, and I don’t find myself hungry or looking to snack like normal.

I have lost 4lbs in just 5 days and this is just the beginning. SUPER happy with my meal plan and the support from Jeremy! I would recommend Nutritioneering to anyone!

Autumn Rideout

Spring for the Premium package at the least cause it’s so worth it. It’s nice to have so many options and when you have any issues Jeremy will always contact you. I feel like this is the program I’ve been looking for. I know my way around a gym, but diet is my weak spot and this is amazing.

Michael Cook

This is exactly what I was looking for. I’ve been wanting to try carb cycling to bust through the plateau period of my weight loss journey. I found this program to be straight forward and affordable. There are so many gimmicky alternatives that take your money and give you nothing. This is about as straight forward and simple as it gets.

Jacqueline Norris

This plan is exactly what I have been looking for. It provides me with meal options and workouts for the day and it takes away the hassle of having to keep up with tracking my calories since it does it for me. I love it and has kept me accountable.

Tammy Henderson

I was a NASM CPT as well as a certified holistic health coach. If you’re wondering why I enlisted your help with the knowledge that I have….it’s simple, I started college and just have not found the time to sit down and plan out routines and I have to say that your program is fantastic!! We are both seriously loving them! 

Barbara Wormell

The meal plan is super easy to follow!

Tracy Roe

I have been on my weight loss journey a year and a half now and hit a hard plateau. I was loosing motivation as I just couldn’t cut anymore calories or spend anymore time in the gym.

I took his body type test and read many articles and it all starting making so much sense and what I needed to do to move forward. Jeremy has been very quick to answer my emails and provide even more knowledgeable articles with science backing studies/tests.

I am enjoying carb cycling and can’t wait to see the results!

Hillary Mangrum

Nutritioneering has been a vital part of my diet and exercise success. The owner of the company, Jeremy Fox, was so instrumental in teaching me the basics – as well as tailor fitting my meal plan to fit MY specific needs.

I highly recommend that you try out one of the bodybuilding meal plans. You will not be disappointed!

Joseph Calihan

Jeremy is very dedicated to nutrition and helping people achieve their goals. He is very responsive if something isn’t working right with your Nutritioneering account.

Jordan Mickelson

Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to work with Jeremy on a number of occasions. I’ve gotten to know his knowledge on nutrition and healthy living.

With his background and his passion for fitness and sharing it with others, I have no hesitation to say he would be a great person to work with on your journey to living a healthier lifestyle.

Alex Woodson, IFBB Physique Pro
Alex Woodson

There are only a handful of fitness professionals that I trust with myself and my clients and Jeremy is at the top of my list without question.

He will keep your progress in check without sacrificing your health and the Nutritioneering approach will get you to your goals as if following a map.

Nick Humfeld, Bodybuilder & Coach

When I decided to compete in Men’s Physique after some time off from fitness, I asked Jeremy to help me out with my nutrition and workouts. I’ve had trainers before, but Jeremy was very understanding about everything that I was going through and his knowledge and experience helped me a lot.

I saw a whole new me for the first time. So for that reason and more, I believe Jeremy’s system will help you achieve your goals!

Carlos Tamayo
Carlos Weight Loss 1

These are actual reviews from real people who have worked with Jeremy and Nutritioneering. But keep in mind, your results may vary based on your body and your commitment. Click here to see more reviews on Google.

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