56 Funniest Leg Day Memes

By: Jeremy Fox, CNC, CPTPublished: May 11, 2022

Leg day is, without a doubt, the most challenging workout of the week. And those of us who endure leg training have a strange relationship with pain.

We persevere through the immediate discomfort of being under a heavy squat bar. Some of us even enjoy the rush of the quad and glute pump.

But make no mistake, none of us like the agony that follows a day or two after leg day! So this article celebrates the ups and downs of leg day, and I’m sure you will relate!

Leg Day Meme

Funny Animals Leg Day Memes

Some animals can capture human emotions. And that’s what makes animal memes so funny. Here are some animals that convey how leg day feels.

1. Even Beasts Feel the Pain

You could be the king of the gym, but leg day humbles the strongest beasts.

Lion Leg Day Meme

2. When You Hit a Squat PR

Leg day can make you feel like you were in a car crash even when nothing is actually wrong with you.

Cat After Squats Meme

3. Waddling vs Walking

You know you had a successful leg day when you’re doing the penguin waddle the next day or two!

Penguin Leg Day Meme

4. Like A Newborn Zebra

Sometimes your legs feel like jello after a hard leg session. It’s almost like learning to walk all over again.

Zebra After Leg Day Meme

5. Bros To the Rescue

It’s always good to have gym partners who know you’re not overreacting when you’re in agony after leg day.

Monkeys Leg Day Meme

6. On Your Deathbed

This orangutan looks like he can’t even get out of bed after his leg day. Hopefully, that oxygen brings him back to life.

Orangutan After Leg Day Meme

7. Just Going to Chill Here

Everyone knows the feeling when you just want to lay on the floor for a while after a few heavy sets of squats.

Dog After Leg Day Meme

8. When Your Legs Forget How to Work

This image of a wiener dog trying to tackle stairs is totally relatable about 48 hours after a brutal leg workout.

Weiner Dog Leg Day Meme

9. Missed A Few Leg Days

We all know someone who looks just like this muscle-bound dog that missed his last few leg days.

Dog Skips Leg Day Meme

10. Skipping Leg Day Altogether

I’m not even sure what this little critter is, but he’s definitely the embodiment of skipping leg day altogether.

Leg Day Rodent Meme
Can't Spell Legendary Without Leg Day Meme

12. Remembers Beer

I would honestly not be surprised if this guy could curl more than he can squat. Must be from all those 40oz curls. 😏

Forgets Leg Day Meme

13. Let Them Disappear

You know what they say, “ignorance is bliss.” If you just wear pants 24/7, you don’t have to worry about leg day.

Ignore Leg Day Meme

14. You’ve Been Warned

Not even an upper body as big as John Cena’s can pull off a pair of dainty legs.

John Cena Leg Day Meme

15. Leg Day Skipped

Now I’ll grant you that it’s not easy to build big legs if you’re tall. But this guy’s arms are almost as big as his legs. And the girl he’s posing with has him beat by a mile in the leg department.

Leg Day Skipped meme

16. Don’t Be That Dude

SpongeBob seems to be able to get jacked at will in some episodes. But his legs always remain just as they are when he’s scrawny.

Spongebob Leg Day Meme 2

17. Is That Like a Holiday Or Something?

This hulk costume is incomplete without huge legs. Just like your physique is incomplete if you don’t train your legs.

Superhero Leg Day Meme

18. Not So Superman

Maybe it’s toys like this that lead some people to believe your legs are not as important as your upper body. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Superman Leg Day

19. Truck Equivalent of Chicken Legs

Skipping leg day is the equivalent of jacking up your truck while riding around on go-cart tires. It’s not functional, and you look ridiculous!

Truck Skipped Leg Day Meme

20. C’mon X-Man

There’s no doubt that Hugh Jackman got ripped for his Wolverine role. But apparently, this X-man doesn’t need strong legs.

X Men Leg Day Meme

Day After Leg Day Memes

The worst part about leg day is the 24-72 hours after the workout when muscle soreness kicks in. Sometimes it’s just a bit of a nuisance. But other times, it’s downright debilitating.

21. Jello Legs

After leg day, we all know when one wrong step can send you tipping over. It’s like your legs just give up and say it’s not worth keeping you upright.

After Leg Day Walk Meme

22. Cardio? No Thanks

If you ever run on a treadmill after leg day, you might end up sliding off the back like Cleveland here.

Cardio After Leg Day Meme

23. Carry Me Home

Either this guy hit legs too hard yesterday, or this is what leg day looks like in CrossFit. 🤔

Day After Leg Day meme

24. Leg Day Parking 

I’m not about to take a spot from anyone with a real handicap, but I could sure use this after leg day.

Leg Day Handicap Parking

25. Walk The Line

Leg day is responsible for 9 out of 10 false-positive field sobriety tests. I’d honestly rather do the breathalyzer test in that situation.

Leg Day Officer Meme

26. Just A Little Lower

If you think this would be a handy device to have around the house, then you’ve had your share of tough leg sessions.

Leg Day Toilet Meme

27. During vs. After Leg Day

When your legs write checks your body can’t cash. We’ve all gotten a little carried away on leg day only to regret it two days later.

Leg Day vs After Leg Day Meme

28. Watch For Pedestrians

Never jump to conclusions about a person crawling down the street. They might just be recovering from leg day.

Not Drunk Squatted Yesterday Meme

29. Throw Me a Spear

Just a typical morning after a quad-focused leg day.

Out Of Bed After Leg Day Meme

30. Drop Something?

You have two options if you drop something on the floor after leg day. Squat/fall down to pick it up or leave it there forever.

Picking Up After Leg Day Meme

31. Leg Day Selfie

There should be no cute booty pump selfies if you did leg day right.

Selfie Leg Day Meme

32. AT-AT Walker Down

After leg day, you can’t even be bothered to participate in an interstellar battle.

Star Wars Leg Day Meme

33. Walking The Dog

Sometimes you gotta get creative to fulfill your responsibilities after leg day.

Walking Dog Leg Day meme

34. Toilet Troubles

It’s true; using the toilet after leg day isn’t simply sitting down. Instead, it’s more like a total body lowering operation involving any sturdy object you can grab onto.

Toilet After Leg Day Meme

35. On The Floor… Dying

Tina pretty much sums up post leg day feelings – “if you need me I’ll be down here on the floor… dying.”

Tina Leg Day Meme

People Who Like Leg Day

Some crazy people out there actually like leg day; they’re called masochists. Here are a few examples of people who like leg day a little too much.

36. Arm/Leg Day

If your legs were arms, every day would be leg day! Sometimes I try to trick my brain by calling my quads “leg triceps” and my hamstrings “leg biceps.”

Arm Day Leg Day meme

37. I Got That Goin For Me

When the highlight of your day is that you’re training legs, you’re officially obsessed with the gym… which is nice.

Caddyshack Leg Day Meme

38. Peg Day

This guy loves leg day so much that he turned his peg leg into a tree trunk. 🌱🌳

Leg Day Cartoon Meme

39. My Favorite

I thought smiling was his favorite, but I could see Elf liking leg day too since his pre-workout meal consists of spaghetti and sprinkles.

Love Leg Day meme

40. Out of My Way

Richard Simmons is another guy with more than enough energy to burn on leg day.

Out Of My Way It's Leg Day Meme

41. Ready to Get Hurt

I think Michael Scott better describes how most of us feel about leg day. We might not like it, but we’re ready to get hurt again.

The Office Leg Day Meme

42. Skips Torso Day

This guy doesn’t need to be reminded not to skip leg day. But he’d better ride that bike to the nearest gym and start training upper body!

Torso Day Meme

43. Wedding/Leg Day

They say, “a couple that trains together stays together.” Although in this case, the bride is only adding resistance.

Wedding Leg Day Meme

Stairs After Leg Day Memes

Navigating stairs after leg day is always a challenge. These next few memes sum up what it feels like.

1.       Before vs. After

Most lifters are the athletic type that has no problem hustling up stairs. But after leg day, there is excessive use of railings, especially on the way down.

Before vs After Leg Day Stairs Meme

45. Stair Lift

It seems like all the gadgets designed for old or injured people would be perfectly suited for life after leg day.

Stair Elevator After Leg Day

46. Nope.

Luckily the bottom step broke his fall.

Stairs After Leg Day Meme

47. Not Having It

This little girl wears her heart on her sleeve, and we can all relate to this feeling after leg day.

Walking Past The Stairs Leg Day Meme

48. Sucking It Up

Sometimes you just gotta suck it up and crawl your sore ass up those stairs.

Work After Leg Day Meme

Miscellaneous Leg Day Memes

The following several leg day memes don’t really fit into the other categories. But they’re funny enough to make the list anyway.

49. Aaaaand It’s Leg Day Again

Sometimes it takes several days to recover from leg day. And if you train legs twice per week, you can definitely relate to this meme.

Finally Recovered Leg Day Meme

50. Can You Die From Leg Day?

While this query may seem a bit dramatic, 30 people type this into Google every month, according to search volume data. 😂

Google Leg Day Meme

51. Stuck on the Throne

Even the “King of the Hill” can get stuck on his throne after leg day.

Hank Hill Toilet Leg Day Meme

52. Getting In the Car

This is why you don’t want to take a sports car to the gym on leg day. It’s much easier to climb up into a truck than squat down into a low car!

Leaving The Gym On Leg Day Meme

53. My Fingers Hurt

I love this scene in Happy Gilmore when Ben Stiller tells an old lady that she’s just pulled landscaping duty because her fingers hurt. 😂 But if your shoulders are sore, that seems like a good reason to train legs!

Leg Day Quotes

54. Any Excuse to Skip Leg Day

Sometimes sawing off your legs seems like a realistic alternative to training legs again.

Not Ready For Leg Day Meme

55. Bruised & Bloodied

All you can do after leg day is put on a brave face and hobble to the couch.

Rambo Leg Day Meme

56. Post Leg Day Feels

SpongeBob looks how we all feel after a hard leg workout, like you aged 20 years in 1 hour.

Spongebob Leg Day Meme

That concludes my list of leg day memes. I hope you found a few worth sharing! And make sure you check out the funniest meal prep memes below!

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