88 Funny Pre-Workout Memes

By: Jeremy Fox, CNC, CPTPublished: June 21, 2022

If you’re into lifting, then you’ve experimented with pre-workout supplements. So you know the intense range of feelings from the moment it kicks in until it finally wears off.

This roller-coaster of energy ups and downs makes for some of the funniest memes on the internet. And I’ve compiled 88 of the best pre-workout memes to make it easy for you to enjoy and share them with friends.

Pre Workout Meme

When The Pre-Workout Kicks in Memes

One of the best parts about taking pre-workout is that feeling when it takes effect. Here are some pre-workout memes that sum up that moment when it kicks in.

1. Lightweight

After taking pre-workout, you might feel like you could deadlift a bus.

30 Minutes Later Pre Workout Meme

2. Just Kicked In

When the pre-workout kicks in, some people start acting like Ace Ventura after checking himself into the looney bin.

Ace Ventura Pre Workout Meme

3. When It Hits

Other people get that Venom smile when the pre-workout hits.

After Pre Workout Hits Meme

4. Taking Flight

The various stages of pre-workout kicking in.

And Then My Pre Workout Kicked In

5. Googly Eyes

When your pupils get this dilated, it’s time to hit the gym fast.

Baby Pre Workout meme

6. I Think I Feel Something

This cat looks like he’s feeling the pre-workout jitters.

Cat Pre Workout Meme

7. That Moment

There’s often a moment of realization when the pre-workout kicks in.

Moment When Pre Workout Kicks In Meme

How Long Does Pre-Workout Take to Kick In?

Some pre-workout ingredients kick in almost immediately, while others take longer.  See when you should expect to feel at full strength!

How Long Does Pre Workout Take To Kick In

8. Cross Eyed

If you’re making this face when the pre-workout kicks in, you better be close to a toilet!

Moment When Pre Workout Kicks In Meme

9. Keep Your Composure

Lifting on pre-workout is one thing, but holding intelligent conversations is a whole other thing.

Pre Workout Kick In Meme

10. Put It to Use

If you timed it right, this is what pre-workout feels like in the gym.

pre workout kicks in gif

11. Heart Pounding

After a bit too much pre-workout, you might feel like something is ready to burst out of your chest.

Pre Workout Meme Aliens

12. Incredible Hulk

Or you might feel like ripping your shirt off like the Incredible Hulk.

Pre Workout Meme Hulk

13. Unleash the Beast

Who knew Patrick had a beast inside? I guess pre-workout can bring out the beast mode in anyone.

Pre Workout Sets In Meme

14. Superhuman Strength

Another superhuman feat of strength brought to you by pre-workout.


15. Feel The Power

Pre-workout kicking in is like the intro to a fight scene.

the-moment-when-your-pre-workout-kicks-in meme

16. Bring It On

Pre-workout just kicked in, now it’s time to kick some ass!


How Pre-Workout Feels Memes

Once the pre-workout kicks in, it can make you ramped up, dialed in, or a little freaked out. Here are some pre-workout memes showing how it feels.

17. Dry Scooping

To me, this is how dry scooping looks. Why not just add a few ounces of water??

Dry Scoop Pre Workout Meme

18. First Timer

The first time some people take pre-workout, they look like they’ve gone a little mad.

First Time On Pre Workout meme

19. He-Man

Other pre-workout first-timers look like they’re having the time of their lives.

First Time Pre Workout meme

20. Newbie Gym Partner

It can be a bit annoying watching someone else experience pre-workout for the first time.

Gym Partner Pre Workout Meme

21. It’s Better with Friends

But sometimes taking pre-workout with your friends can be a blast.

Friends On Pre Workout Meme

22. When Someone Asks

A picture is worth 1,000 words. And this meme describes pre-workout in 100,000 words.

How Pre Workout Feels Meme

23. Same Feeling, Different Brand

Another example of how pre-workout feels, except for a different brand.

Pre Workout Meme How It Feels

24. Only 1 Scoop, I Swear

This guy must be a super responder to pre-workout supplements.

One Scoop Pre Workout Meme

25. Pre-Workout Got Me Like

When you start off a little weird, pre-workout will only make you weirder.

Pre Workout Got Me Like

26. Seeing Rainbows

The feeling when pre-workout puts you in a good mood.

Pre Workout Meme SpongeBob

27. After A Year

Like any stimulant, you build a tolerance to pre-workout after a while and you get used to the fire burning inside.

Pre Workout Tolerance Meme

28. Next Best Thing

Taking a pre-workout can feel like jump-starting your body. But I don’t recommend trying this when you run out of pre-workout.

Ran Out of Pre Workout Meme

29. Too Much

Sometimes the pre-workout hits a little too hard and you can feel like the world is closing in on you.


2 Scoops of Pre-Workout Memes

Speaking of taking too much pre-workout, these next memes are about what happens when you take 2 scoops of pre-workout or more.

30. 2 Scoops Engaged

This kid sums up the intensity level after taking two scoops of pre-workout.

2 Scoops Pre Workout Meme

31. 2 Scoops Too Many

An extra scoop is one thing, but two extra scoops can leave you foaming at the mouth.

3 Scoops Meme

32. Took 3 Scoops

Things can get weird after taking 3 scoops of pre-workout.

3 Scoops Pre Workout Meme

33. All I Remember

You might make some regrettable wardrobe decisions on a 3 scoop day.

All I Remember Pre Workout Meme

34. Where Am I?

And you might forget your wardrobe altogether after 4 scoops.

4 Scoops Pre Workout Meme

35. Feel The Burn

Don’t let your friends talk you into taking too much pre-workout.


36. Pre-Workout Scoop Scale

Nicolas Cage personifies the various degrees of pre-workout consumption.

Nicholas Cage Pre Workout Meme

37. “One Scoop”

As your tolerance grows, one scoop turns into two.

One Scoop Pre Workout Meme

38. Concentrate

Sometimes you just have to sit down and ride it out when pre-workout hits too hard.

Pre Workout Meme Barney

39. Getting Scared

You might feel scared, but that’s probably just your rapid heart rate.

Pre Workout Meme too much

40. Seeing Noises

If you start seeing noises, that’s probably too many scoops.

See Noises Pre Workout Meme

41. The Realization

The moment you become aware that you’ve taken too much pre-workout.

SpongeBob Pre Workout Meme

42. Check Yes or No

The question should have been, “are you currently on too much pre-workout?”

Take Too Much Pre Workout Meme

43. Things Are in Motion

After taking too many scoops, but before it kicks in. There’s not going back now.

Too Much Pre Workout Meme

44. 3 Scoops to The Wind

Warning: 3 scoops of pre-workout may cause temporary loss of control.

Took 3 Scoops Pre Workout meme

45. An Unhealthy Amount

When someone tries to start a conversation with you while on pre-workout, just try to act natural.

Unhealthy Amount of Pre Workout

46. Why Do You Ask?

Most of the time it’s easy to spot someone on too much pre-workout.


47. You Can’t Handle 2 Scoops!

When someone with a low caffeine tolerance asks for 2 scoops of pre-workout.

You Can't Handle Two Scoops

Pre-Workout Poop Memes

Some effects of pre-workout are good, like the energy and focus. But others are not so good, like the sudden need to go number two.

These next memes are all about the pre-workout scoop and poop.

48. I Gotta Get Out of Here

The pre-workout poop is often sudden and unexpected.

Poop Pre Workout Meme

49. Immediately After

When you have to take the pre-workout poop, but you also can’t sit still.

Pre Workout Meme GIF

50. Laxative Effect

On deadlift or squat day, you definitely want to make sure you take care of business before leaving the house.

Pre Workout Meme Laxative

51. Morning Poop

You may feel a sense of maturity and self-confidence once you learn to harness the effects of pre-workout.

Pre Workout Morning Poop Meme

52. The Face

Pre-workout can cause this face both in and out of the gym.

Pre Workout Poop Face Meme

53. Aaand I Have to Poop

Another surefire way to tell when the pre-workout kicks in.

Pre Workout Poop Meme

54. What It Actually Looks Like

It’s hard to be cocky with your pants around your ankles.

Walking Into the Gym On Pre Workout Meme

55. I Was Just… Shaving

Certain pre-workout formulas seem to cause a more severe reaction than others, I’m looking at you N.O.-XPLODE.

When Your Pre-Workout Kicks in

7 Reasons Why Pre-Workout Makes You Poop

Find out why your pre-workout drink could be sending you to the toilet or causing other side effects!

Does Pre Workout Make You Poop

Pre-Workout Timing Memes

Timing is everything when it comes to taking your pre-workout. Take it too soon and you’ll be all amped up at the wrong time. But take it too late and you’ll be up all night.

These next pre-workout memes are about what happens when you get the timing wrong.

56. Gym Closed

Holding in all that excess energy when you take pre-workout and don’t work out.

Gym Closed Pre Workout Meme

57. This Can’t Be Happening

Your gym partners may need to spot you when you arrive at the gym on pre-workout only to find out it’s closed.

Pre Workout Meme Gym Closed

58. Timing Is Everything

Even when you get the pre-workout timing perfect, a traffic jam can ruin your plans.

Right Time to Take Pre Workout Meme

Best Time to Take Pre-Workout

See when to take your pre-workout to maximize effectiveness and results.

When To Take Pre Workout

59. Stuck In Traffic

Having a long commute or going to the gym during rush hour really complicates pre-workout timing.

Stuck In Traffic Pre Workout Meme

60. Must Get to the Gym

Sometimes you have to ditch the car and get to the gym on foot.

Hulk Pre Workout Meme

61. Use the Turbo

If you feel the pre-workout kicking in on the drive to the gym, it’s time to activate the nitrous.

Pre Workout Meme Kicks In

62. Before Leaving Work

When the pre-workout kicks in before you leave work.

Pre Workout Before Leaving Work Meme

63. Stuck At the Office

Always make sure you have an exit strategy before taking your pre-workout.

Pre Workout Meme Office

64. Pre-Workout At 7 pm

Working out late in the evening can also have unwanted effects when it comes to taking pre-workout.

Pre Workout At Night meme

65. Waiting For It to Wear Off

Waiting for the pre-workout to wear off so you can go to bed.

Ready for Pre Workout to Wear Off

66. Awake at 2 am

You may find yourself wide awake at 2 in the morning staring at the ceiling.

Pre Workout Meme 2am

67. Still Watching TV

Or you could be up all-night watching infomercials.

Waiting For Pre Workout to Wear Off Meme

68. When It Finally Wears Off

When the pre-workout finally wears off, you may feel like you’ve lost your sense of purpose.

Pre Workout Wears Off Meme

69. Forgot Your Pre-Workout

What’s worse than getting the timing wrong is forgetting your pre-workout altogether!

Forgot Your Pre Workout Meme

Pre-Workout Tingle Memes

Most of us have experienced the pre-workout itch or tingle effect. Sometimes it feels good, but other times it is downright uncomfortable.

These pre-workout memes are all about that intense tingle.

70. When the Tingle Turns Up

Too much pre-workout can make the tingle feel a bit more intense.

How Too Much Pre Workout Feels Meme

71. Beta-Alanine Tingles

Beta-alanine is the ingredient in pre-workout that makes your face tingle. And too much in one sitting can feel more like pins and needles.

Pins Pre Workout Meme

72. A Slight Tingle

The face tingling is more than slight in some individuals.

Pre Workout Itch Meme

73. Whole Body Tingles

And some people feel the tingling sensation all over their body.

Slight Tingle Pre Workout Meme

74. Itchy Ass

Did you know that pre-workout can even make your butt itch? Not a good side effect to have when you’re in a public place!

Itchy Ass Pre Workout Meme

Why Does Pre-Workout Make You Itch & Tingle?

Find out why pre-workout makes you itch or tingle and learn how to stop this uncomfortable side effect!

Why Does Pre Workout Make You Itch

75. That Tingling Feeling

The pre-workout tingling can make you feel like jumping out of your skin.

Pre Workout Tingle Meme

76. Tingly Paws

Or you may feel like you have superpowers emanating from your fingertips.

Tingly Pre Workout Meme

77. Itching Like an Addict

Some people may begin questioning what you’re on when they see you scratching.

Pre Workout Meme Itch

Pre-Workout Crack Memes

Obviously, pre-workout supplements are not as potent, addictive, or dangerous as cocaine. But the increased confidence, alertness, and restlessness are common between both and make for some funny memes.

78. Addiction

At some point, you may find yourself questioning if you’re more dedicated to lifting or pre-workout.

Addicted to pre workout meme

79. Basically Crack

Pre-workout formulations can contain stimulants that are thought to be linked to hospitalizations. So make sure you do your homework before taking anything.

Crack pre workout meme

80. Cracked Out

Some pre-workouts can make you feel jittery or “cracked out”.

Cracked Out Pre Workout Meme

Homemade Pre-Workout

Check out these DYI pre-workout recipes to get more of the benefits without the unwanted side effects.

Homemade Pre Workout Graph

81. When You’re on Pre-Workout

An accurate depiction of the extreme confidence that can occur from taking stimulants.

Dog Chasing Rhino Pre Workout Meme

82. Who Needs the Scoop?

Pre-workout pros don’t even need to use the scoop.

Elmo Pre Workout meme

83. The Gateway Supplement

They used to tell us that marijuana was the gateway drug.

Immune to Pre Workout Meme

84. Can I Bum a Scoop?

When you hit the bottom of your pre-workout tub.

Pre Workout Meme Crack

85. You Mean Cocaine?

Back in the day, they would have had to use other stimulants to get jacked up for a workout.

Pre Workout Meme Cocaine

86. You Have a Problem

It might be time to cycle off pre-workout for a few weeks, bro.

Pre Workout Problem Meme

87. High Tolerance

Pre-workout bosses don’t even get out of the chair until the pre-workout kicks in.

Scarface pre workout meme

88. Snorting Pre-Workout

If you thought dry scooping was intense…

Snort Pre Workout Meme

Leg Day Memes

Keep the laughs going with 55+ leg day memes worthy of sharing with your friends.

Dog After Leg Day Meme

Rest Day Memes

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Rest Day Meme

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I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of pre-workout memes and shared some with your friends. And if you’re looking for more serious fitness content, check out my other blog posts below.

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