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my background

Growing up in Wisconsin I loved sports. But my passion for fitness began when I discovered the weight room as a skinny 14-year-old. In the early years of training, my parents and coaches taught me that progress is about showing up consistently.

Around the age of 18, my friends and I gravitated to strength competitions. In powerlifting, I learned how to channel my strength and won contests in the 148 lb weight class. But my real dream was to compete in bodybuilding.

After college, I moved to California to become an engineer. There I trained at a famous gym alongside the top bodybuilders in the world. And they showed me the importance of nutrition.

Around that time I was diagnosed with cancer. But I fought through and returned to my fitness journey with a renewed appreciation for life.

At 26, I moved to Minnesota to be closer to family. By this time I had a unique combination of problem-solving skills and nutrition knowledge. Which inspired me to create custom meal plans and strive to reach my bodybuilding goals.

Within 2 years, I competed in 4 physique contests and qualified for Nationals. During that time I refined my meal plans, began coaching others, and collaborated with some of the top fitness athletes in the country.

In 2017, I combined my expertise in nutrition and engineering to form Nutritioneering. Since then, I’ve quit my corporate job in order to run my business full time. Now I’m fortunate to be living my dream and I look forward to helping you achieve yours.

I founded Nutritioneering to help people all over the world achieve their fitness goals. Empowering them with tools and knowledge to reach their full potential.

-Jeremy Fox

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