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I’m not just another personal trainer. And I’m not your average nutritionist. Instead, I’m a Six Sigma certified Engineer trained to solve the most difficult problems. And I’ve spent the last 20+ years figuring out how to eat and train to transform your body.

my background

Growing up in Wisconsin I loved sports and excelled in baseball and football. But I was always on the skinny side, weighing a feather-light 117 lbs at the start of freshman year.

For a while, I avoided the weight room out of embarrassment and fear of being judged by stronger kids. But strength & conditioning was a requirement to join the high school football team, so I faced my fears.

As soon as I saw the changes in my body, weight training became my passion and I aspired to build an incredible physique. In those first few years, my parents and coaches taught me that I had to show up and be consistent in order to succeed.

Around the age of 18, my friends and I gravitated to powerlifting. In strength competitions, I learned to channel my energy and focus on the task at hand. As a result, I won regional contests by bench pressing nearly double my bodyweight… although I was still pretty skinny at 148 lbs.

Then I went on to college in Minnesota to study engineering. I joined the rugby team to stay in shape and made some amazing friends. But my bodybuilding progress stalled at 160 lbs – mostly due to a ramen and beer diet 😂

Playing in the All-Minnesota college rugby tournament in Minneapolis

After college, I went to Southern California to begin my career as an engineer in the aerospace industry. There I trained at a famous gym alongside the top bodybuilders in the world. And I carefully studied how they used nutrition to transform their bodies.

However, just as I began my new fitness journey, I was diagnosed with cancer. After fighting through it, I came out the other side with a renewed appreciation for life. As well as an even stronger desire to grow mentally and physically.

At 26, I moved back to Minnesota to be closer to family and friends. By this time I had bulked up to 210 lbs, but I was far from being in good shape.

Fortunately, I had also acquired a unique combination of problem-solving skills and nutrition know-how. So that’s when I created a systematic meal plan that would get me into the best shape of my life. Within a matter of months, I dropped 45 lbs of fat and stepped on stage at my first bodybuilding show.

At my heaviest (and unhealthiest) I weighed 210 lbs. The following year I competed in my first show at 165 lbs.

Over the next 2 years, I competed in 4 physique contests and qualified for Nationals. During that time I refined my meal plan system, began coaching others, and collaborated with some of the top fitness athletes in the country.

In 2017, I combined my expertise in nutrition and engineering to form Nutritioneering. Since then, I’ve quit my corporate job in order to run my business full time. Now I’m fortunate to be living my dream and I look forward to helping you achieve yours.

I founded Nutritioneering to help people all over the world achieve their fitness goals. Empowering them with tools and knowledge to reach their full potential.

-Jeremy Fox

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