about jeremy fox

Hello, I’m a 34-year-old engineer and fitness coach currently residing in Minnesota. In 2017, I combined my passion for fitness with my expertise in engineering to form Nutritioneering.

Jeremy Fox

Jeremy Fox – Founder of Nutritioneering

my background

Growing up in Wisconsin I tried nearly every sport including football, hockey, track, baseball, and rugby. But my passion for fitness began when I discovered the weight room as a skinny 14-year-old. In the early years of training, I was taught the fundamentals of strength and conditioning for athletics.

Around the age of 18, my friends and I gravitated toward powerlifting in pursuit of size and strength. Although I won awards at regional level strength contests, I wasn’t gaining the size and muscular look I desired. The struggle to gain muscle continued through college while I was on the ramen and beer diet.

After college, I started my career as an engineer in the aerospace industry. While living in Southern California I began training at a gym operated by IFBB pro bodybuilder, Milos Sarcev. I was working out alongside some of the top bodybuilders in the world and learning their methods. With a new understanding of training and nutrition, I finally began to grow!

Shortly thereafter, I was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 24. Although this was a huge setback, I was determined to get back to my passion. With support from family and friends, I returned to my fitness journey with a new outlook on life.

the beginning of nutritioneering

I returned to Minnesota at the age of 26 to be closer to family. By this time I had gained a lot of problem solving experience in the field of engineering. So I applied the same logic to solve the problem of how to eat to gain muscle and burn fat. I created algorithms to generate meal plans which helped me reach my bodybuilding goals. As my knowledge and physique grew, I decided to enter the sport of competitive bodybuilding.

By the time I was 30, I competed in 4 physique contests and qualified for Nationals. During this time I worked with some of the top fitness athletes in the country, absorbing everything they could teach me. And I used what I learned in contest preparation to refine my meal plans. At that point, I had several clients with whom I tested my meal plans on all body types.

Today, I’ve taken my passion for fitness one step further. I founded Nutritioneering to bring my meal plan system to the masses. Now, everyone has the opportunity to transform their body using the only custom meal plan engineered to get results. So join the Nutritioneering team and get your blueprint to a better body today!

Jeremy Fox

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