Ectomorph: How to Gain Weight When You’re Naturally Skinny

Do you have a hard time gaining weight?  Does it seem like no matter how much you eat you can’t put on muscle?  Well it could be because you’re an ectomorph! But you can gain weight. The key is to learn how to eat and train for your ectomorph body type.  And I’m going to share that here.

High Intensity Training: More Muscle In Less Time

Are you disappointed in the results of your workouts?  The normal response to this is to train longer or more frequently.  When the answer is not to increase duration or volume, but to increase intensity!  High Intensity Training allows you to spend less time in the gym and more time growing.

How to Measure Body Composition | Free Body Composition Calculator

Have you ever given up on a diet because your weight stayed the same?  What if you had actually lost fat and gained muscle even though your weight stayed the same?  That’s what happens when your body composition changes.  But you wouldn’t know it from measuring scale weight alone.  Therefore, it’s important to measure body composition to see the whole picture.