what is nutritioneering?

Nutritioneering was born from a passion for nutrition and an expertise in engineering.  Founded in 2017 in a small town in Minnesota, with aspirations to help people all over the world achieve their fitness goals.  Our mission is to provide personalized meal plans designed optimize fat loss and muscle gain.

The key is a systematic approach to nutrition and exercise based on the concept of Nutrient Timing.  That is, providing nutrients to the body in specific quantities and at strategic times.  This timing revolves around an exercise or workout program in order to fuel training and flip the hormonal switch for fat loss and muscle gain.

how nutritioneering works

Nutritioneering is revolutionary systematic approach to the personalized nutrition plan.  Our plans are created specifically for you and are unique to your body type and lifestyle.  Each plan is built to your specifications in terms of height, weight, age, gender, and body type.  It’s also tailored to your lifestyle with regards to your activity level and schedule.

You simply tell us about yourself in a simple and fun form (which only takes a few minutes) and our algorithms generate a personalized meal plan which is delivered to you instantly!  Your plan tells you what and when to eat for each meal of the day.  And each week during the plan your meals change in order to ensure continuous progress.

what you get

Your custom meal plan is emailed to you immediately.  It includes a Custom Meal Plan document which lays out the weekly and daily nutrition plan.  Also included is a comprehensive Nutrition Guide which explains the fundamentals of nutrients up to advanced nutrition concepts.  So you’ll know what and when to eat, but also why and how it works!  Finally, you’ll also receive the brand new Meal Plan Template.  This is an interactive sheet that makes planning your daily meals fast and easy!

why choose nutritioneering?

Nutritioneering is built upon scientific research in nutrition combined with years of experimentation in the field.  The result is a practical meal plan system for efficient fat loss and muscle gain.  Our system is effective due to it’s structure, yet sustainable due to it’s flexibility.  The Meal Plan Template allows you to choose from our recommended healthy foods, which means you can enjoy the foods you like while staying on track with your diet.

meet the man behind nutritioneering

Nutritioneering was founded by Engineer, Certified Personal Trainer, and Fitness Athlete – Jeremy Fox.  Click here to learn more about Jeremy ->

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