44 Gym Rest Day Memes

By: Jeremy Fox, CNC, CPTPublished: July 5, 2022

Rest days are a necessary part of any workout plan. But days off often come with mixed emotions.

For some people, a rest day is a savior that can’t come soon enough. While for others, it’s the worst day of the week.

Whichever camp you’re in, these rest day memes will have you laughing all the way to the gym… or the couch.

Rest Day Meme

Rest Day Feeling Memes

Rest days can evoke a range of feelings, from joy to depression. These memes capture the variety of rest day feels.

1. To-Do List

If this is what your to-do list looks like on rest day, you’re doing it right. But if you’re like me, rest day is when you get most of your random tasks and errands done.

Rest Day To Do List Meme

2. Out Cold

Rest days are for sleeping in and napping like a champ. This little fella has got it down.

Dog Rest Day Meme

3. Finally Rest Day

The look of tired happiness when a much-needed rest day arrives.

Happy Cat Rest Day Meme

4. Already Out of Shape

Even a single rest day has a way of making you feel out of shape.

Rest Day Feeling Meme

5. Small & Weak

The day after rest day often feels like you lost all your gains.

Small and Weak Rest Day Meme

6. Rest Day vs Leg Day

Taking too much pre-workout on leg day vs no pre-workout on leg day.

Too Much Pre-Workout Memes

Leg Day vs Rest Day Meme

7. Dead Inside

Those of us who are addicted to the gym often feel empty on rest days. But we put on a brave face anyway.

Michael Scott Rest Day Meme

8. That Sinking Feeling

You get out of bed thinking about what you’re going to train today only to realize it’s a rest day.

Remembered Its Rest Day Meme

9. Sunday Rest Day

When Sunday is a rest day, but Monday is chest day.

Bro Split Workout Routine

Meme Rest Day

10. C’mon Coach

You know you’re hooked when you get disappointed about an extra rest day.

Coach Adds Rest Day Meme
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No Rest Day Memes

Some hardcore gym rats brag about taking no rest days. At the same time, others argue the importance of rest days for maximizing progress. The following rest day memes make fun of both sides.

11. Arnold Rests Every Day

This isn’t a direct quote, but I could see Arnold saying something like this.

Arnold Rest Day Meme

12. Rest Muscle

If there were a rest muscle, Arnold would have developed it to the max.

Arnold Dumbbell Press Exercise

Rest Muscle Meme

13. Give the Weights a Rest

Ronnie Coleman lifted so hard the weights needed a day off from him!

Ronnie Coleman Rest Day Meme

14. Rest When You’re Dead

There’s always an evil twin in your head saying that you don’t need a rest day.

Kermit Rest Day Meme

15. Molded by the Gym

Bane is apparently another advocate of working out every day.

Bane Rest Day Meme

16. That Look

The Rock doesn’t look too thrilled about taking a rest day either.

The Rock Rest Day Meme

17. Worst Day of the Week

Many bodybuilders despise rest days and get the blues when they can’t work out.

Worst Day of the Week Rest Day Meme

18. Be Remembered

It indeed takes dedication and consistency to stand out from the crowd. But never taking a day off is counterproductive to your goals.

No One Will Remember Your Name Rest Day Meme

19. No Rest Days

Even Dwight seems to be jumping on the “no days off” band wagon.

Dwight Rest Day Meme

20. False

This one is more like something Dwight would say because he’s all about delivering the facts.

Dwight Rest Day Meme

21. Tell Me Again

When you’re forced to listen to someone talk about their “intense” workout routine and lack of days off.

Dwight Rest Day Meme

Not Sure What to Do on Rest Day Memes

Rest days can be a bit confusing for those of us with a 6 or 7-day workout split. These rest day memes are all about being at a loss for what to do.

22. Arnold & Franco

The best way to be productive on a rest day is to plan your next workout day.

Arnold and Franco Rest Day Meme

23. Thinking About Working Out

When I can’t sleep at night, it’s because I’m planning out the next day’s workout.

Thinking About the Gym Rest Day Meme

24. Not Sure What to Do

Just put your hands by your sides, Ricky.

Off Day Meme

25. Lifting Heavy & Eating Tacos

I’m here to lift heavy and eat tacos… and I’m all outta weights.

Simpsons Rest Day Meme

26. Idle Time

It looks like SpongeBob ponders life over a cup of coffee on his rest days.

Coffee vs Pre-Workout: Which is Better Before Exercise

SpongeBob Rest Day Meme

27. Free Time

Technically, time spent thinking about what to do is still resting.

Free Time Rest Day Meme

28. Looking for Something to Do

Kermit likes to get outside or at least look out the window on his rest days.

Something to Do on Rest Day Meme

29. A Lot of Nothing

Sometimes rest day feels like a whole lot of sitting or standing around doing nothing.

Standing Around Rest Day Meme

Need A Rest Day Memes

Some weeks a rest day is a much-needed recovery from the beat down of heavy training. These rest day memes sum up what it’s like when you really need a day off.

30. I Declare…

When it’s not a rest day, but you desperately need it.

I Declare Rest Day Meme

31. Looking Forward to Rest Day

Leg day always seems to have its own sinister plans for your future.

Looking Forward to Rest Day Meme

32. Walking Dead

How it feels when you’re overtraining and low on sleep.

Walking Dead Rest Day Meme

33. Listen to Your Heart… Rate Monitor

The Whoop strap and other heart rate monitoring devices sometimes offer sage advice about when to take it easy.

Heart Rate Calories Burned Calculator

Yoda Rest Day Meme

Active Rest Day Memes

Not all rest days are lazy days spent lounging around. On the contrary, some people use “active rest days” as an excuse to keep working on their fitness.

34. Maybe Your Body Won’t Know

When you try to trick your body into thinking it’s a rest day when you’re really working out.

Active Rest Day Meme

35. Cardio Day

Compared to intense resistance training workouts, low-intensity cardio feels like a breeze.

HIIT vs LISS: Which Is Better For Fitness?

Cardio Rest Day Meme

36. Lies

Speaking rest day into existence is great unless you’re a terrible liar.

Pinocchio Rest Day Meme

37. Resist

You can’t spell resist without “rest.” And when you fail to resist the urge to workout, you fail to rest.

Resisting the Urge Rest Day Meme

38. Going to the Gym

Rolling up to the gym on a rest day with all the confidence in the world. 😎

Cat Rest Day meme

39. Shiny Object Syndrome

Some of us just don’t have the attention span for a rest day.

Dory Rest Day Meme

40. “Rest Day”

Others use the term “rest day” very, very loosely.

Dr Evil Rest Day Meme

41. Decisions Were Made

Maybe you skip rest days simply because you’re indecisive.

Exercise vs Don't Exercise Meme

42. Do it for the Crew

Or you might skip rest days simply to see your buddies at the gym.

Gym Crew Rest Day Meme

43. Peer Pressure

FOMO is the number one cause of skipped rest days.

Shaq Rest Day Meme

44. Cheating Gym Partner

When you finally take a rest day, and your gym partner trains legs without you.

Leg Day Rest Day meme

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