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By: Jeremy Fox, CNC, CPTPublished: July 6, 2023

I spent 21 years deadlifting with stiff bars before I finally tried pulling with a real deadlift bar. Immediately, the weight felt lighter, and the sticking point was almost non-existent!

Now I’m passionate about explaining the unique design and material properties that distinguish them from a standard barbell. And my goal is to help you understand what qualities make a great deadlift bar.

Best Deadlift Bar Texas vs Ohio

This article will provide an overview of barbell features and specifications. Additionally, I will offer a side-by-side comparison of the top deadlift bars across various categories.

By the end of this page, you won’t have to worry about wasting money or experiencing buyer’s remorse because you will have found the perfect deadlift bar for your gym!

What Is a Deadlift Bar?

The deadlift bar is a specialized barbell designed to enhance performance during the deadlift exercise. It is characterized by a longer shaft, smaller diameter, and lower tensile strength.

These unique features yield more flex or “whip,” allowing the bar to bend more easily under load. With the increased whip, you can pull the bar from a higher point before the plates break off the floor, potentially increasing the weight you can lift.

By comparison, Olympic bars typically have some flexibility, which can benefit clean and jerk movements. On the other hand, power bars have more rigidity for movements like squats and bench presses.

In the following video, I show the significant difference in flex between a deadlift bar and a power bar when deadlifting 405 lbs. It’s worth noting that this contrast becomes even more apparent as the weight increases.

Deadlift Bar Features

Before we get into the best deadlift bar brands, it’s important to understand some of the key design features of the barbell. This way, you will be better equipped to decide which bar works best for your needs.

  • Bar Length – It is typical for deadlift bars to be 4-8 inches longer than regular barbells. Longer bars tend to flex more when loaded. However, it is important to make sure that the bar’s length is suitable for your home gym space.
  • Bar Diameter – When buying a bar for deadlifts, it’s best to search for one with a 27mm shaft diameter. This narrower thickness can provide more flexibility and makes the bar easier to wrap your hands around when deadlifting.
  • Knurling – Kurling refers to the diamond-shaped grooves etched into the shaft of a barbell. Deadlift bars typically have deeper and more aggressive grooves to enhance grip and have no center knurling, which reduces friction when pulling the bar close to the body.
  • Tensile Strength – When it comes to pulling heavy loads, steel with lower tensile strength is more flexible and malleable. An ideal deadlift bar should have a tensile strength of approximately 190,000 pounds per square inch or 190ksi.
  • Whip This is the technical term for how bendy a barbell is, and deadlift bars should have a high whip to reduce the sticking point where the plates come off the floor.
  • Coating – If left untreated, a steel barbell is highly susceptible to rust. To prevent this, there are various coatings available such as black oxide, chrome, zinc, E-coat, and Cerakote, that can provide protection to the steel. Alternatively, if you want maximum resistance to oxidation, it’s best to go with stainless steel.

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Top 5 Deadlift Bar Comparison

If you’re in the market for a barbell for deadlifts, you’ll want to compare all the design features and weigh those against the cost to ensure you get a bar that works perfectly for your needs and budget.

In this section, I will show you the design specifications of the top five best deadlift bars across various brands and price points. You can find a comparison of the features and prices of each bar in the table below.

Additionally, I will provide a comprehensive description of each bar’s advantages and disadvantages.

Table 1. Best Deadlift Bar Comparison

  Diameter Shaft Length Overall Length Knurling Tensile Strength Whip Cost
Capps Texas Deadlift Bar 27mm 56″ 92.5″ Very Aggressive 190ksi High $310
Rogue Ohio Deadlift Bar 27mm 56″ 90.5″ Very Aggressive 190ksi High $345
REP Hades Deadlift Bar 27mm 56.3″ 94.5″ Very Aggressive 190ksi High $360
Valor Deadlift Bar 27mm 56.5″ 90.5″ Aggressive 165ksi High $275
Rogue Ohio Bar 28.5mm 51″ 86.75″ Medium 190ksi Medium $305

Best Deadlift Bar Overall

Founded in 1980 by Buddy Capps, Texas Power Bars aimed to create a superior barbell for powerlifters. Today, the Texas deadlift bar is the official deadlifting bar for numerous international powerlifting organizations.

This is due to the exceptional craftsmanship that goes into each bar. For instance, the sleeves feature a unique design that prevents sliding while still allowing for a smooth rotation.

Additionally, the bar addresses the issue of grip on Olympic bars with its specially machined knurling, providing an industry-leading grip. Texas power bars also come with a lifetime warranty and are currently available for $310.

It’s no surprise that the bar receives high praise from its users, with an average rating of 4.96 out of 5 based on over 400 customer reviews. The only complaints were about oxidation on the bare steel bars, which is to be expected and can be removed with proper cleaning.

Best Home Gym Deadlift Bar

Rogue Fitness is the go-to brand if you’re looking for high-quality CrossFit or home gym equipment. Their barbells are renowned for durability and superior performance, and the Ohio deadlift bar is no exception.

Made and assembled in Columbus, Ohio, this bar features Rogue’s signature snap ring construction on its sleeves. And its powerlifting knurl marks are more aggressive than their Ohio power bar, providing a better grip for deadlifting.

It’s worth noting that the Ohio bar has a length that is two inches shorter than the Texas bar. This makes it a great choice for garage or basement gyms where maneuvering plates can be challenging.

However, the downside is that Rogue’s barbell starts at $345 for bare steel. And the price goes up to $390 with the black zinc or E-coat finish.

Despite this, the Ohio deadlift bar is a great choice for heavy pulling, as its 4.9 out of 5 average rating based on almost 200 customer reviews attests.

Best Deadlift Bar for Corrosion Resistance

REP Fitness is one of the fastest-growing companies in the gym equipment space. This Colorado-based team offers high-quality equipment for about 10% less than Rogue.

So I was excited to see the launch of their new Hades deadlift bar available in August 2023. The bar’s specs are similar to the Rogue, but the Hades bar has a premium Cerakote coating for maximum corrosion resistance.

The price tag of $370 is comparable to other bars with protective finishes. And the black Duracoat sleeves add an extra layer of protection while creating a sleek, all-black look.

Although REP products are designed in the USA, they are manufactured in China, which can lead to a slightly diminished level of craftsmanship. However, like Capp and Rogue, REP offers a lifetime warranty.

Currently, there are no reviews available for the Hades bar since it’s so new, but I’ll update this post as soon as ratings become available.

Best Deadlift Bar on a Budget

Valor Fitness was established in 2006 but struggled in its early years. The company has recently experienced a significant resurgence, introducing new equipment and products.

The Valor deadlift bar is priced about 20% lower than its competitors. This is due to the steel being less strong, with a tensile rating of 165ksi and a maximum loading capacity of 1,200 lbs, as opposed to 1,500 lbs for big brands.

It’s worth noting that the warranty on Valor products is limited to 1 year for commercial use and 3 years for non-commercial use. This is typically a sign that the company sources materials from third-party suppliers rather than manufacturing their own products.

Nevertheless, if you’re not striving to break deadlift world records, this bar can more than meet your needs. It has received a commendable rating of 4.5 out of 5 on Amazon from 61 reviews.

In my opinion, if you’re considering spending $275 on a specialty barbell, it would be wise to invest an additional $35 in the Texas bar for superior quality. Alternatively, you could also opt for a more affordable multi-purpose bar that is next on the list.

Best Multipurpose Deadlift Bar

The Ohio bar is a versatile multi-use bar that is distinct from the Ohio deadlift bar. While it is suitable for deadlifts, it is also an excellent choice for those who require a bar that can be used for various exercises.

The Ohio bar has a moderate amount of flex, less than a deadlift bar but more than a power bar. At the same time, the medium knurling provides a secure grip without feeling like a cheese grater in your hands.

It is also designed without a center knurling, which makes it a better choice for deadlifting. The Ohio bar is less expensive and more compact than most deadlift bars, making it a great compromise between specialty bars and standard bars.

Over 1,000 customers gave the Ohio bar a 4.8 out of 5. The only situation where the Ohio bar may not be ideal is for advanced powerlifters pushing a 400+ lb squat or bench press, where more rigidity is better.

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