Are Pre-Workout Gummies Worth It?

How These Bite-Sized Supplements Compare to Powder Versions

By: Jeremy Fox, CNC, CPTPublished: September 12, 2023

Pre-workout supplements are popular for gym-goers looking to boost energy and focus during workouts. But have you ever considered trying pre-workout gummies?

These chewable supplements are a newer option on the market and are gaining popularity for their convenience and ease of use. In this blog post, we’ll compare gummies to traditional pre-workout powders and explore the benefits and drawbacks of each option.

So, whether you’re a seasoned gym veteran or just starting out, read on to discover which option might be the best fit for your workout routine.

Pre-Workout Gummies

What Are Pre-Workout Gummies?

Pre-workout gummies are a type of dietary supplement that provides a quick and convenient source of energy and nutrients before a workout. They typically contain ingredients that can help improve performance, increase focus and alertness, and delay fatigue during exercise.

Some pre-workout gummies also include other beneficial ingredients like amino acids and antioxidants to support overall health and recovery. They come in various flavors and can be a tasty alternative to traditional pre-workout powders or drinks.

Pre-Workout Gummies vs Gummy Flavored Pre-Workout

When looking for pre-workout gummies, it’s crucial to be aware of the many pre-workout powders with gummy flavors that are not the same as chewable gummies.

Also, there are many “energy gummies” which could be nothing more than sugar. Therefore, it is important to carefully read the product description and label to ensure that you are purchasing the right product.

Olly Pre-Workout Gummies

Pre-Workout Gummies Ingredients

Many pre-workout gummies have caffeine as a primary ingredient to provide an energy boost before workouts. However, the ingredients of these gummies can differ considerably outside of caffeine.

Some gummies contain amino acids like beta-alanine for endurance and l-citrulline for better blood flow, while others may not include these ingredients. Other common ingredients are B vitamins, l-theanine, and l-taurine.

What Ingredients to Look for In Pre-Workout Gummies:

  1. Caffeine
  2. Beta-Alanine
  3. L-Citrulline
  4. B-Vitamins

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Pre-Workout Gummies Vertical

Popular Pre-Workout Gummies

Gummy vitamins and supplements have become increasingly popular, and Olly is a well-known brand in this market. Olly offers an energy gummy containing a low caffeine dose, providing a boost without causing jitters. 

Another option is AXO Nutrition’s pre-workout gummy, which has a moderate dose of caffeine and a small amount of beta-alanine. It is worth noting that this product does not contain l-citrulline, which is essential for blood flow. 

Chewz and CHU are British-made pre-workout gummies containing 200 mg of caffeine. Both products also have around 2 grams of beta-alanine and citrulline.

Lastly, Kodagenix offers the highest dose of caffeine, with 300 mg and slightly smaller amounts of the key amino acids. It may be suitable for those seeking a higher caffeine dose.

Table 1. Pre-Workout Gummies Brand Comparison

Brand Caffeine Beta-Alanine Citrulline Cost/Serving
Olly <50mg 0mg 0mg $0.80
AXO Nutrition 125mg 750mg 0mg $2.33
Chewz 200mg 2,000mg 2,000mg $2.86
CHU 200mg 2,500mg 2,000mg $1.74
Kodagenix 300mg 800mg 1,575mg $1.67

Pre-Workout Gummies vs Powder

It’s important to keep in mind that gummy products usually contain fewer key ingredients than pre-workout powder. This is because the sugar, syrup, and gelatin used in making gummies take up space, leaving less room for active ingredients.

Additionally, the manufacturing costs for producing gummies are higher than for powder products, making it challenging for companies to make a profit without compromising the dosage.

To illustrate this point, the table below compares the active ingredients and cost per serving of typical pre-workout gummies to powder pre-workout supplements.

Table 2. Average Gummy vs Powder Pre-Workout

Pre-Workout Type Caffeine Beta-Alanine Citrulline Cost/Serving
Gummies 100mg 1.2g 1.1g $1.88
Powder 215mg 2.2g 3.9g $1.31

*based on average ingredients and cost of top brands

Pre-Workout Gummy vs Powder Dosages

To consume a typical serving of gummy pre-workout, you usually need to eat 5-10 gummies. Powder pre-workout, on the other hand, requires mixing a 7-15 gram scoop with 8 ounces of water.

Powder pre-workout usually contains more caffeine than gummies. An average scoop of pre-workout provides over 200mg of caffeine, while a serving of gummies typically contains around 100mg.

In addition, pre-workout powders typically contain at least twice as much beta-alanine and almost four times the amount of citrulline. Therefore, powders are a more potent option for boosting performance.

Pre-Workout Gummy vs Powder Cost

When it comes to expenses, gummy pre-workouts have an average cost of $1.88 per serving while traditional pre-workout costs $1.31 per serving on average. This means that powders are 40% cheaper than gummies.

Although some people may prefer the convenience of not having to mix powder with water, I personally do not think that gummies are a cost-effective pre-workout supplement.

Pre-Workout Gummies vs Powder

Are Pre-Workout Gummies Good?

If you want to improve your workout performance, pre-workout powders are usually better than gummies. Powder mixes have fewer calories and less sugar than gummies and are less expensive per serving.

However, there are some situations where gummies may be a suitable option. For example, they are more convenient to consume while on the move, as you can simply chew them and prepare for your workout.

Moreover, pre-workout gummies generally contain less caffeine than powders, making them practical for people who are sensitive to stimulants.

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When to Choose Pre-Workout Gummies:

  • You only need a small amount of caffeine
  • No time to mix powder/water
  • Don’t require maximum performance benefits

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