Exotic Rice Hack Scam

By: Jeremy Fox, CNC, CPTPublished: February 5, 2024

In late 2023, a new weight loss method known as the “exotic rice hack” began to spread across the internet. Its supporters claim it can help you lose weight without modifying your diet or exercise routine.

However, as a Nutrition Coach, I advise my clients that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Unfortunately, the exotic rice hack is nothing more than a clickbait scam designed to deceive people.

In this article, I will explain how to identify the warning signs of these weight loss scams in the future.

Exotic Rice Hack Trend

What Is the Exotic Rice Hack Method?

The exotic rice method is a weight-loss hack that claims to help people lose stubborn fat without diet or exercise. If you search for the exotic rice hack on Google, you will find several YouTube and TikTok videos promising to reveal the method or explain it step-by-step.

I watched a few of these videos and noticed they all feature a young, healthy woman enthusiastically talking about the new exotic rice method for weight loss. Some of them even explain the supposed health benefits of this method.

However, the videos and articles never explain what the exotic rice hack actually is or how to use it. Instead, they direct you to click a link to an “official website” to get all the information.

The affiliate link is essentially a paid advertisement where the video creator gets a commission on a product. In this case, the product associated with the exotic rice hack is called Puravive weight loss support.

Exotic Rice Hack YouTube Scam

Puravive Exotic Rice Hack Supplement

The Puravive website is essentially just one giant sales page designed to make you purchase their weight loss supplement. The weird thing is that the Puravive supplement page doesn’t even mention the exotic rice hack, and the supplement doesn’t have anything to do with rice.

Cleverly, Puravive does use the word exotic twice at the top of the page. And they include a picture of rice grains next to one of the ingredients (which doesn’t actually come from rice.)

Their website says the Puravive formula contains the following “exotic ingredients.”

  • Luteolin
  • Kudzu
  • Holy Basil
  • White Korean Ginseng
  • Amur Cork Bark
  • Propolis
  • Quercetin
  • Oleupropein

Next to each ingredient, Puravive lists the supposed health benefits such as supporting BAT levels, lower blood pressure, healthy blood sugar levels, and many more.

Purvavive also uses creative language like “FDA-approved facility” to make you think the product is FDA-approved. However, a disclaimer indicates the FDA has not evaluated the claims on their website.

Exotic Rice Hack YouTube Scam

Exotic Rice Hack Red Flags

To the untrained eye, some information surrounding the exotic rice hack and Puravive supplements seems trustworthy. The people promoting it appear real, and the website contains several trust symbols that make it look legitimate.

But as someone who owns and operates a website in the wellness industry, I spotted ten red flags within a few minutes of digging into the exotic rice method.

As mentioned, no one says what it is or how it works. They simply point you to an affiliate link to learn more.

After you click the link, you land on a Puravive supplement sales page that looks legit until you realize it never mentions the word “rice.” Upon further inspection, you’ll notice the website is simply a front for an elaborate affiliate marketing program. 

Top 10 Puravive Scam Red Flags

  1. No one ever explains what the exotic rice hack is or how it works
  2. Videos and webpages ranking for “exotic rice hack” all contain affiliate links
  3. All links lead to a Puravive supplement sales page
  4. The supplement has nothing to do with rice or a hack/method
  5. The Puravive website is a front for a ClickBank affiliate marketing program
  6. There are no images or descriptions of a Supplement Facts label
  7. The Puravive website is one giant image (text cannot be indexed or flagged by Google)
  8. 13 of 14 studies referenced by Puravive were on rodents or in a test tube (findings may not apply to humans)
  9. Customer reviews are fake, with stock or doctored images
  10. YouTube channels promoting it produce other spam content

​Additionally, the website is challenging to navigate and completely lacks a home page, about page, or any pages usually associated with a real business. There are references to the ingredients in the supplement but no pictures or descriptions of the Supplement Facts label, which the FDA requires.

The Puravive sales page references 14 scientific studies that supposedly back their brown adipose tissue claims. Searching the studies on Google Scholar, I found that 13 were rodent or test tube trials, significantly weakening the health claims.

There are a handful of Puravive reviews on the sales page as well. But, in my opinion, they appear fake, with stock images of people. The bottles people hold up up are of all different sizes and appear to have the label photoshopped.

Finally, I found it odd that I couldn’t click on, highlight, or copy/paste the text on this page. It seems like it’s just one big image. The only reason for doing this would be to prevent Google bots from crawling the text and potentially flagging it as inappropriate.

Puravive On Amazon

The weight loss supplement on the Puravive website costs $59 per bottle, which seems pricey for a 30-day supply. And you might think you’ve found the same supplement on Amazon for $29 a bottle or less. But buyer beware!

The “Puravive” supplements on Amazon are sold by third-party supplement vendors. While Amazon does provide pictures of the Supplement Facts label, it doesn’t contain any of the ingredients listed on Puravive’s website.

At the same time, most of these Amazon versions have terrible reviews, with customers saying it doesn’t work and it’s not the product advertised.

Beware of Weight Loss Scams

I hope this article has aided you in improving your ability to identify spam and avoid scams. The reality is that there are no quick fixes for weight loss, and no miraculous pill or shortcut will replace a healthy diet and regular exercise routine.

It’s important to be cautious of individuals who try to sell you false or ineffective products. Rather than spending money on supplements, it’s wise to invest more time in proven methods for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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