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How to Calculate Macros for Carb Cycling

Carb cycling is alternating days of low, medium, and high carbs. By adjusting your carb intake to your activity level you can burn fat while preserving lean mass.

Generally, carb cycling coincides with your workout schedule. Low carbs when you don’t workout, medium carbs when you do. And a weekly high carb day to boost your metabolism.

Admittedly, it can seem confusing at first. But the carb cycling calculator makes it easy!

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Low Carb Non-Workout Day

On days you don’t workout, you don’t burn as many calories or carbs. Hence, your carb intake should be lower.

At the same time, your fat intake can be higher. Since you burn more calories from fat on rest days.

On rest days, calories should be 5-20% carbs, 50-65% fat, and 30% protein.

Of course, the total should be 100% however you allocate your macros.

Medium Carb Workout Day

On the other hand, you burn more calories and carbs when you workout. Especially with resistance training and other high intensity exercise.

Therefore, it’s beneficial to fuel your workouts with a moderate amount of carbs. In fact, studies show that eating carbs before and after your workout increases both fat loss and muscle gain.

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On days you workout, calories should be 30-50% carbs, 20-40% fat, and 27-30% protein.

High Carb Refeed Day

In some cases you may also include a periodic high carb day called a refeed. The purpose of a refeed day is to increase carbs and calories above your energy expenditure.

How to Use a Refeed Day

carb cycling calculator refeed day macros

By breaking a prolonged calorie deficit, you can offset the negative effects of dieting. Such as hunger and slowing of your metabolism.

A high carb day should be 45-55% carbs, 15-25% fat, and 27-30% protein.

carb cycling calculator macros

Example carb cycling macros. Your actual macros will vary.

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