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Your body type influences your metabolic rate, tendency to store fat, and potential to gain muscle. Oftentimes, you have a mix of two body types and it’s not always apparent which mix you have.

For that reason, I created a body type calculator to help you find your true body type. Once you know your body type, it’s easier to lose fat and gain muscle. So try the 5 question body type quiz to find your body type and get a personalized plan!

Body Type Calculator

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Different Body Types

The three body types or somatotypes are – ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph. I’ll go into more detail on each below. But first, are male body types and female body types different?

Male Body Types vs Female Body Types

While the three body types are the same for males and females, figuring out which one you have is slightly different depending on your gender.

For example, a female with shoulders wider than her hips is likely at least part mesomorph. Whereas this trait is common among males of all body types.

That’s why the first step of the body type calculator is to pick your gender. From there we can ask the right questions to calculate your true body type.

male female body type calculator

Ectomorph Body Type

Ectomorphs are naturally skinny and tend to have narrow frames. Another term for an ectomorph is a “hardgainer”. Due to the fact that they have a hard time gaining weight.

At first, that seems like a good problem to have. But if your goal is to gain muscle, then being an ectomorph is a challenge. So hardgainers need a specific meal plan and workout routine to help them bulk up while staying lean.

Endomorph Body Type

Endomorphs have a harder time losing weight and gain fat easily. They tend to have bodies that are round and soft.

That means endomorphs have to be very diligent with their nutrition and workouts. And more importantly, if you’re an endomorph you need a plan that helps you lose fat while preserving lean mass and your metabolism.

Mesomorph Body Type

If you’re a pure mesomorph consider yourself lucky. Because that means you have an easier time gaining muscle and burning fat.

However, a pure mesomorph is very rare. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger had a mix of ectomorph. And most likely you will be a mix as well.

In that case, you should follow the guidelines for ectomorphs or endomorphs. Although you may not be as strict with diet and exercise, you will still benefit greatly from adhering to a personalized nutrition plan.

Take the Body Type Quiz

The body type calculator is a series of 5 simple questions designed to help you find your body type. Once you finish the quiz you’ll find your body type and a recommended plan to reach your fitness goals.

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Male Body Type Calculator

Female Body Type Calculator

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