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Your body type could be preventing you from having the body you want. Because your genetics play a large role in shaping your body.

That’s why I created this body type calculator. So you can find your true body type, and learn how to transform your body.

Try the 5 question body type quiz to find your body type and get a personalized plan!

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The three traditional body types are – endomorph, mesomorph, and ectomorph. But it’s not always apparent which body type you have.

In addition, 2 out of 3 people are a mix of body types! Also called ecto-meso and endo-meso.

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Percentage of people with various body types. Based on quiz results from 16,593 men and women.

Endo-Meso Body Type

Nearly half the population is a mix of endomorph and mesomorph. You tend to carry more body fat. But unlike pure endomorphs, you also have an easier time losing fat.

In addition, you can gain muscle faster than most people. While getting very lean is more challenging for you.

On the bright side, many professional bodybuilders have this body type (like Jay Cutler). So you can create an aesthetic physique if you give extra attention to fat loss.

Ecto-Meso Body Type

Second most common, 1 in 5 people are a mix of ectomorph and mesomorph. You aren’t as skinny as a pure ectomorph, but you do stay lean.

While you can gain muscle with some effort, you also lose it easily. So getting big and muscular is challenging for you.

However, this is a good body type to have for a lean aesthetic look (think Frank Zane). As long as you prioritize muscle gain.

Endomorph Body Type

With 1 in 6 people being endomorphs, this is the most common pure body type. Unfortunately, you have the most difficult time losing fat.

Therefore, endomorphs have to be diligent with their nutrition and workouts. You should prioritize fat loss and be more strict on a muscle gain plan.

How to Lose Fat as an Endomorph

Mesomorph Body Type

If you’re a pure mesomorph consider yourself lucky. Because you have an easier time gaining muscle and burning fat.

However, a pure mesomorph is rare. Only 1 in 8 people have this body type.

The good news is you have the same body type as Arnold Schwarzenegger. Unfortunately, good genes don’t do the work for you!

How to Lose Fat & Gain Muscle at the Same Time

Ectomorph Body Type

Even more rare than mesomorphs are pure ectomorphs. Only 1 in 20 people have this body type. You are naturally skinny and a classic “hardgainer”.

If your goal is to gain muscle, being an ectomorph is a challenge. Above all, hardgainers need to prioritize weight gain.

How to Gain Weight as an Ectomorph

Male Body Types vs Female Body Types

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While body types are the same for males and females, figuring out which one you have is slightly different.

For example, a female with shoulders wider than her hips is likely part mesomorph. Whereas this trait is common among males of all body types.

That’s why the first step of the body type calculator is to pick your gender. From there I can ask the right questions to find your true body type.

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Take the Body Type Quiz

The body type calculator is a series of 5 simple questions designed to help you find your body type. Once you finish the quiz you’ll find your body type and a recommended plan to reach your fitness goals.

Click the link below to get started:

Male Body Type Quiz

Female Body Type Quiz

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