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Your genetic makeup has a significant impact on the way your body looks. Understanding your body type can assist you in tailoring your diet and exercise routine to achieve optimum results in reducing fat and gaining lean muscle mass.

To help you achieve your fitness goals, I have designed a straightforward body type calculator. By taking this simple test, you will be able to discover how to transform your physique with customized nutrition and training.

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I suggest that you read the article below before taking the quiz. It won’t take long, but you’ll learn important information about body types and how they impact your diet and exercise plan. You can skim through the headings or use the table of contents to navigate the article more easily.

The Science of Body Types

The concept of human body types has been around for thousands of years, dating back to the emergence of Ayurvedic medicine in ancient India. This practice identified three distinct body types called Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, each associated with specific physical and emotional characteristics.

In modern times, the idea of somatotypes (body types) was brought into science by an American doctor named Dr. W.H. Sheldon in the 1940s1. He studied patterns in human body measurements and developed a quantitative scale for categorizing different physique structures.

Although the significance of body types in psychology is a matter of debate, it’s undeniable that genetic variation plays a crucial role in shaping people’s appearance and response to physical exercise.

male female body type calculator

Imagine a track and field meet where athletes are competing. Despite being relatively fit, there are noticeable differences in body shape and composition among the participants of different events. 

For instance, distance runners are usually thin, while sprinters tend to be lean and muscular. On the other hand, throwers have bulky and muscular body types2. While variations in training and diet do account for some differences, much of it is predetermined by genetics and body type.

Moreover, this genetic variation is why some people struggle to lose weight while others struggle to gain it. Understanding your body type could help optimize lifestyle decisions for better health and fitness.

The 3 Major Body Types

Dr. Sheldon developed a system of somatotyping that classifies human bodies based on their shape and composition. This system takes into account how naturally lean, fat, and/or muscular an individual is.

Sheldon created the terms ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph to describe the three primary body types.

male female body type calculator


An ectomorph body type is naturally lean and has a more delicate build. The overall body shape of an ectomorph is quite linear with few curves.

In practical terms, an ectomorph has the body type of a typical long-distance runner – a smaller bone structure with less muscle mass and body fat. But what causes ectomorphs to be naturally skinny when most people struggle to lose weight?

The main factor is metabolic rate. Ectomorphs are more likely to have a fast metabolism. In other words, they burn more calories even when sitting around the house. This means they don’t gain weight easily3.

While having a fast metabolism may sound like a blessing, it makes it difficult for ectomorphs to gain muscle. As a result, ectomorphs don’t respond as well to resistance training and need to eat more calories and carbs than the average person.

Ectomorph Body Type Calculator


An endomorph body type tends to have more body fat and a softer, rounder overall shape. This body type is similar to a shot-putter, with thicker bones, a fair amount of muscle mass, and more body fat.

The endomorph’s metabolism plays a significant role in developing their features. However, their metabolism is relatively slower than those of ectomorphs, which means they burn fewer calories.

As a result, endomorphs tend to gain weight quickly, even if they consume fewer calories. Some of this weight gets stored as body fat. Despite this, endomorphs can lose body fat by reducing calorie and carb intake while implementing resistance training, which they respond well to.

Body Type Calculator Endomorph


The mesomorph body type is characterized by individuals who naturally have more angular features and tend to be muscular. This is the classic physique of a sprinter – minimal body fat, a powerful muscular build, and medium bone structure.

Mesomorphs have a metabolism that falls somewhere between ectomorphs and endomorphs, which makes it easier for them to gain muscle and lose fat. However, simply being a mesomorph does not guarantee a perfect body.

Good genetics are just one piece of the puzzle. To achieve their maximum potential, mesomorphs must also eat the right foods and exercise correctly.

Mesomorph Body Type Calculator

Adjusting for Mixed Body Types

It’s important to understand that it’s impossible to categorize everyone into three distinct body types. We all possess characteristics of all three body types, but one or two are usually dominant.

Hence, body types should be viewed as a spectrum rather than explicit categories. This implies that individuals typically exhibit a mix of ecto, endo, and meso body types, commonly expressed as ecto-meso or endo-meso.

Mixed Body Type Calculator


An ecto-meso body type is a combination of ectomorph and mesomorph body types. As a result, individuals with this body type tend to have a naturally lean physique but can also build muscle mass.

A typical example of ecto-mesos would be long jumpers and high jumpers in track meets, and they respond well to both anaerobic (weightlifting) and aerobic (cardio) exercises4.

It can be challenging to distinguish between ecto-mesos and mesomorphs due to their similar body shape and composition. However, ecto-mesos have a faster metabolism and may have a more challenging time gaining weight than mesomorphs.


An endo-meso is a combination of endomorph and mesomorph body types. They are naturally muscular and tend to gain body fat easily.

People with this body type often choose power-centric sports like rugby or powerlifting. The biggest professional bodybuilders and strongmen usually have this body type as well.

Although there is an overlap between an endo-meso and a mesomorph, an endo-meso has a slightly slower metabolism than a mesomorph. This makes it easier for them to gain weight and muscle.

Body Type Calculator Chart 1

Traditional Body Type Determination

You may have a general idea of which body types are most dominant for you at this point, but how can you find your body type based on quantifiable numbers?

The traditional method of determining body type involves many time-consuming measurements and complicated formulas known as the Heath-Carter method. These numbers are then plotted on a chart to show you where you fall within the body type framework.

Although accurate, this method is impractical for most people who don’t have access to specialized equipment or the necessary training to take the measurements.

Therefore, I have created a simple body type calculator that only takes a few minutes to complete. The results are similar to those obtained using the academic method.

Body Type Calculator Chart

How Does the Body Type Calculator Work?

My body type calculator asks simple questions and tallies points to determine your body type or mix of types.


Here is a general idea of the topics involved, although the questions may vary slightly depending on your gender.

  1. Overall Body Shape – The first question asks about your general body shape. Although nobody fits these geometric shapes, they help identify your body type.
  2. Wrist Size – Your wrist size is quantified by wrapping your middle finger and thumb around your wrist to see if they touch or overlap.
  3. Lower Body Shape – Your lower body shape is determined by how your pants fit and helps define your waist and leg proportions.
  4. Upper Body Shape – Determining the shape of the upper body varies between males and females. The aim is to identify your waist, arm, and shoulder proportions. For men, the best way to determine upper body shape is to assess how shirts fit. Women can determine their upper body shape by describing the tone of their arms.
  5. Natural Weight – This is a general description of your natural body weight, whether you tend to stay thin or carry extra fat.
Body Shape Calculator

Body Type Calculator Score & Results

Each question in the quiz has a certain number of points assigned to it. The points you earn on each question are added up to determine your overall score, which in turn determines your body type. 

It’s important not to focus on the points as you take the quiz. Attempting to influence your answers towards a specific body type will not yield accurate results. 

Answer each question as truthfully as possible, and your actual body type will be revealed. Although the questions are straightforward, the results are surprisingly precise.

Once you finish answering the quiz questions, your body type results will be displayed immediately. Unlike other body type calculators, you don’t have to provide any personal information or email address to access the results.

On the results page, you will find more advantages and disadvantages of your body type. Additionally, you will receive valuable tips on how to eat according to your body type, completely free of cost.

If you find the advice helpful, you may choose to sign up for a tailored meal plan, but you will not be pressured to do so.

metabolic confusion meal plan

Body Type Specific Meal Plan

Knowing what to eat to get in shape can be very confusing. But I can make it easy for you with a personalized plan built for your body type, activity level, and goals! Including a daily meal planner with 50+ recipes for just $13.99 per month!

Try The Body Type Calculator

Now that you know how it works click here to take the body type quiz. You should be able to answer the five questions in just a few minutes. Then, you’ll see your results and your personalized recommendations.

Metabolic Age Calculator

Your body type significantly influences your metabolic rate and response to diet and exercise. But age and body composition also affect your metabolic rate.

As you get older, your metabolism naturally slows down. However, the more muscle you have, the faster your metabolism gets.

Therefore, it’s possible to have a faster or slower metabolism than other people your age. This is called your metabolic age, an indicator of a healthy lifestyle.

Click here to try my free metabolic age calculator to check if you have a healthy body composition and see if your metabolism is faster or slower than average.

Metabolic Age Calculator

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