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YouTuber’s Height, Weight, Age, and More

By: Jeremy Fox, CNC, CPTUpdated: March 31, 2024

More Plates More Dates is a male self-improvement related podcast and YouTube channel. Its creator and host, Derek, is a bodybuilder and fitness entrepreneur.

Although not a professional athlete, Derek is a pretty big dude with good musculature. And after listening to or seeing his content, you are probably wondering how tall the More Plates More Dates guy is.

So this article is all about Derek from More Plates More Dates height, weight, and body size.

Derek More Plates More Dates Height

Who is Derek from More Plates More Dates?

Derek is a Canadian amateur bodybuilder and fitness enthusiast who enjoys talking about everything related to men’s lifestyle and appearance.

On his More Plates More Dates podcast, he mainly talks about bodybuilding, steroids, supplements, and male aesthetics.

Derek is perhaps even more well-known on YouTube, where his More Plates More Dates channel has over 1.7 million subscribers.

More Plates More Dates Height

Derek (More Plates More Dates) Height, Weight, Age

Despite being the face of More Plates More Dates, there is not much personal information about Derek online. So I had to dig deep into his content to find answers about his actual height, weight, and age.

How Tall Is Derek from More Plates More Dates?

In a 2020 More Plates More Dates YouTube video, Derek claims to have gone from 6’0 (183cm) to 6’1” (185cm) because of taking large doses of HGH (human growth hormone). However, I find it unlikely that his height actually increased from taking performance-enhancing drugs.

For one reason, your height cannot change significantly once your growth plates are fused in adulthood. Also, while there are multiple studies showing HGH administered to children can increase their adult height, no such studies exist for adults taking HGH.

In the video below, Derek explains how he discovered he had gotten taller by comparing his height with his dad, who is at the age where he is likely shrinking. And any measurements they took would be imprecise compared to getting measured at a doctor’s office.

Therefore, it’s more likely that Derek from More Plates More Dates real height is around 6’0”.

How Much Does Derek from More Plates More Dates Weigh?

Based on his height and build, Derek would typically weigh between 200 and 220 lbs (91-100kg), depending on the phase of his bodybuilding training.

For example, when Derek is more shredded, he probably weighs closer to the 200lbs mark. And during a bulking phase, he has said he weighs about 20 lbs more, which would be 220 lbs.

Even in his videos on bulking and cutting, Derek rarely mentions his actual body weight. So the numbers above are an educated guess based on my bodybuilding experience.

I suspect the lack of transparency means Derek is not as heavy as he’d like to portray himself to be. And I factored that into the weight estimates, along with his apparent height and approximate body fat percentage.

Table 1. Derek More Plates More Dates Height, Weight, Age

Age 31 years old
Height 6’0″ (183 cm)
Weight 200-220 lbs (91-100 kg)
Body Fat 10-15%

Derek More Plates More Dates Body Fat Percentage

Again, Derek rarely throws out specific numbers regarding his actual physical measurements. However, he repeatedly talks about getting down to single digit body fat while cutting.

Moreover, he is clearly well below 10% body fat in his most shredded pictures. And I estimate he probably got down as low as 5% in his best condition.

On the other hand, Derek often shows pictures of himself during his worst “dirty bulk” phase. Based on those photos, he has been upwards of 25-30% body fat when out of shape.

Of course, those are the two extremes, and Derek probably typically has a body fat percentage in the 10-15% range since he has found a better balance of diet and training.

How Old Is Derek From More Plates More Dates?

Derek from More Plates More Dates is currently 31 years old. And he was around 23 years old when he started his podcast, YouTube channel, and website.

Is Derek the Owner of Gorilla Mind?

Gorilla Mind is a bodybuilding supplement company owned by Derek of More Plates More Dates. Their most popular supplements are a pre-workout, testosterone booster, and turkesterone complex.

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More Plates More Dates Turkesterone

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