Liver King Height, Weight, & Scandal

By: Jeremy Fox, CNC, CPTPublished: March 10, 2023

Liver King was a viral sensation on social media in 2022. And his involvement in a “steroid scandal” has only resulted in more exposure.

On many occasions, Liver King claimed to be natural and that his physique resulted from his unique primal lifestyle. But he was lying all along and fooled millions of people.

So I will show you how you can tell Liver King was not natural based on his height, weight, and body fat percentage.

Liver King Height Weight

Who Is Liver King?

Liver King is the online persona of Brian Johnson, an American fitness entrepreneur. His alias comes from his diet plan consisting of large amounts of organ meats. And he promotes “Ancestral Living” to his followers.

As with many fitness influencers, Liver King had a rapid rise to fame starting in 2021. Thanks to viral content of him doing “manly” things, such as eating raw meat, working out, and shooting guns… all with no shirt.

More recently, Liver King has been exposed for using steroids while claiming to be natural. And was even hit with a class action lawsuit for lying to customers to sell supplements.

So I want to help you spot a “fake natty” and avoid being swindled into online fitness scams.

Liver King Height

Liver King Height, Weight, and FFMI

To see if Liver King’s physique is naturally attainable, we first must know some of his basic body measurements. Then I’ll use that information to calculate his FFMI (fat-free mass index).

This calculation is sort of like BMI (body mass index), except it’s not just based on height and weight. Instead, FFMI factors in body fat percentage to quantify how much muscle you have.

Moreover, we can use FFMI to determine if someone has a natural amount of muscle. Or if that person is in the “unnatural” category. This is by no means black and white, but it adds data to the discussion.

How Tall Is Liver King?

According to his own emails, Liver King stands 5’7” (170cm) tall. And, based on his videos and pictures with other people, it doesn’t seem like he’s exaggerating.

How Much Does Liver King Weigh?

Many sources suggest Liver King weighs 190 lbs (86kg), which is reasonable given his extreme muscularity.

However, most bodybuilders tend to round up with their weight. So, in all likelihood, Liver King’s weight is somewhere between 180-190lbs (82-86kg).

What is Liver King’s Body Fat Percentage

Estimating someone’s body fat percentage from pictures and videos is not always accurate. But Liver King basically never has his shirt on, so we can see his physique over the course of days and weeks.

In his content, we can see that Liver King has great ab definition, vascularity, and overall “dryness”. However, there are some pockets of fat in his lower back and love handles.

For this reason, Liver King appears to have around 6-8% body fat. 

Table 1. Liver King Height, Weight, Body Fat %

Height 5’7″ (170cm)
Weight 180-190lbs (82-86kg)
Body Fat 6-8%

What Is Liver King’s FFMI?

Finally, we can calculate FFMI using height, weight, and approximate body fat percentage. After plugging his numbers in, Liver King’s FFMI score is 28-29, which is extremely muscular.

To elaborate, the higher your FFMI, the more lean muscle you have. And for men, FFMI normally ranges from 18-23, with the average being around 20.

In addition, it’s been shown that an FFMI of 25 is typically the upper limit for a natural male physique. So the Liver King’s FFMI was a huge red flag that he lied about being natural.

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Liver King Steroids

Liver King Steroid Scandal

In November of 2022, the YouTube channel More Plates More Dates exposed leaked emails in which Liver King outlined his steroid cycle with a bodybuilding coach (video embedded below).

A few days later, Liver King put out an apology video confessing his steroid use. And he has supposedly gone off steroids altogether. Nevertheless, there has been a lot of outrage on social media.

So why is the Liver King’s steroid use creating so much backlash? After all, nearly all competitive bodybuilders take them.

One reason is that the Liver King aggressively and repeatedly denied being on any PEDs. And he made many other false claims that were brought to light in the emails.

In addition, Liver King intentionally deceived millions of followers into believing they could buy his supplements and achieve a physique like his. When it turns out, he was spending $11,000 per month on drugs to look that way.

At the end of the day, what someone puts in their body is up to them. However, the issue arises when a person crosses legal and ethical boundaries in the name of making a profit off others.

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