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Plus, His Workout Routine & Bulking/Cutting Diet Plan

By: Jeremy Fox, CNC, CPTUpdated: March 26, 2024

Sam Sulek is a fitness influencer who has taken social media by storm with unique videos and insane muscularity for his age. However, certain aspects of Sam’s bodybuilding lifestyle have come under scrutiny.

In this blog post, I’ll take a closer look at Sam Sulek’s height and weight and examine the diet and workouts he has used to build his impressive physique. So you can decide if his advice is worth following.

Sam Sulek Height Weight Age

Who Is Sam Sulek?

Sam Sulek is an amateur bodybuilder from Ohio who gained popularity for his daily fitness routine videos. He was a gymnast and competitive diver during high school and is currently studying Mechanical Engineering at Miami University in Ohio.

Sulek initially made waves on TikTok, where he uploaded short videos featuring contentious or sarcastic gym advice. In January 2023, Sam started uploading videos of his “Spring Bulk” and quickly gained over 1 million YouTube subscribers.

What sets Sam apart from other fitness influencers is his laid-back style, with long, scraggly hair, a dingy hat, oversized t-shirts, and sweatpants. His videos feel like authentic vlogs, giving viewers a glimpse into his daily life rather than a staged and artificial persona.

Sam’s dedication and hard work in sharing his fitness journey have made him a role model for many aspiring bodybuilders. But whether you should follow Sam’s fitness advice is a matter of debate, which I’ll discuss later.

How Old Is Sam Sulek?

It surprises many people that Sam Sulek is only 22 years old, having celebrated his birthday in February. Despite his young age, Sam has already built a remarkable amount of muscle with very low body fat. 

A lot of people have started following Sam just to see how his physique will develop as he continues to mature in the sport of bodybuilding.

Sam Sulek Height and Weight

Along with Sam Sulek’s age, the next most common question is just how big is he? While Sam openly documents his weight in his videos, his height is a bit more of a mystery.

How Tall Is Sam Sulek?

According to many publications, Sam Sulek’s height is listed as 5’11” (180 cm). However, when he stands next to other well-known athletes, his actual height seems to be slightly shorter.

For example, in a recent post, Sam was photographed next to fellow Hosstile athlete and professional bodybuilder Samson Dauda, who is also listed as 5’11”. However, Sulek appears noticeably shorter than Dauda in the photo.

Therefore, it can be assumed that Sam Sulek’s actual height is probably around 5’10” (178 cm), which is still a bit taller than the average American male.

Sam Sulek Height Compared to Samson Dauda

Sam Sulek height compared to Samson Dauda (5’11”). Image credit Instagram @fouadabiad.

How Much Does Sam Sulek Weigh?

According to Sam, he weighed an unimpressive 160 lbs as a swimmer in high school. Over the last few years, though, he has added a significant amount of weight and muscle mass.

In his first spring bulk video, Sam stated that his starting weight was 230 lbs (104 kg). By the end of his bulking phase, Sulek reportedly weighed 248 lbs at his heaviest.

Table 1. Sam Sulek Age, Height, Weight, Body Fat
Age  22 years old
Height 5’10” (178 cm)
Cut Weight 229 lbs (104 kg)
Bulk Weight 248 lbs (113 kg)
Body Fat 8-12%

Is Sam Sulek Natural?

With such a remarkable physical transformation, it’s not uncommon for people to wonder if Sam Sulek is using steroids. Although he hasn’t openly discussed the topic, experts like Greg Doucette believe that Sam Sulek is not natural, and I agree.

Firstly, in his earlier videos, Sam has some telltale signs of steroid abuse, such as cystic acne. He also mentions taking Accutane, a prescription medication commonly used by bodybuilders to treat severe acne.

Secondly, Sam gained almost 20lbs of muscle in seven months while maintaining a ridiculously low body fat percentage. This feat is almost impossible without performance-enhancing drugs.

Finally, Sam Sulek undoubtedly has excellent genetics. However, he is a self-proclaimed “hardgainer” who initially started as a skinny, albeit athletic, teenager. Therefore, it’s highly unlikely that he could have gained 80 lbs of muscle naturally.

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Sam Sulek Diet

Sam Sulek’s bodybuilding routine has sparked controversy, particularly regarding his eating habits. He follows a daily bulking diet that mainly consists of high-carb, high-fat junk food, along with a few whole foods and supplements.

As a nutrition coach, I strongly advise against this meal plan and would never recommend it. It’s important to note that Sam doesn’t claim to be a nutrition expert and does not suggest that anyone follow his exact diet.

While Sam’s approach is based on a basic understanding of energy balance and macronutrients, it fails to consider more nuanced factors such as blood sugar, insulin, and micronutrients. Disregarding those elements will lead to health issues eventually.

Here is an example of Sam’s daily meal plan, which gives you an idea of what he eats during his bulking phase.

Table 2. Sam Sulek Bulking Meal Plan
Meal Quantity/Food Macros Calories
Breakfast 1-quart chocolate milk C 240g, F 64g, P 70g 1,816 calories
Pre-Workout 4 cups cereal, 4 cups whole milk C 179g, F 48g, P 39g 1,276 calories
Intra-Workout 50 g dextrose C 50g, F 0g, P 0g 200 calories
Post-Workout Shake 100 g dextrose, 2 scoops whey protein C 106g, F 6g, P 50g 678 calories
Post-Workout Meal 5 Guys cheeseburger, medium fry C 171g, F 96g, P 62g 1,793 calories
Evening Meal 4 donuts, 2 cups whole milk C 111g, F 64g, P 23g 1,098 calories
Total   C 857g, F 279g, 244g 6,861 calories

*What’s more shocking is this single day of eating contained 515 grams of sugar and 113 grams of saturated fat. These unhealthy numbers are a recipe for type II diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Looking at Sam Sulek’s diet, it’s clear that he doesn’t care much about what he eats as long as he reaches his desired macros and calorie intake. Also, consuming almost 7,000 calories is outrageously high, even for his size.

However, most likely, this particular example was an exaggerated version of his diet designed for shock value and views on YouTube. In other videos, Sam mentions that his bulking goal is to consume 5,000 calories daily.

Based on Sam’s weight, body type, composition, and activity level, my calculations suggest that he burns around 4,000 to 4,200 calories daily. Therefore, if he consumes 5,000 calories, he would have a 20% surplus, which would be more appropriate for relatively lean bulking.

It’s worth noting that Sam follows a dirty bulking diet, which doesn’t work for most people and often leads to health issues like insulin resistance and high blood pressure. However, due to his age, activity level, and drug use, he is able to get away with this type of diet (for now.)

By comparison, Sam’s cutting diet includes some healthy food choices, but he still mostly eats whatever he wants as long as he maintains a calorie deficit. As I’ll explain, this approach works for him, yet will not work for most people.

Here’s an example of a full day of eating to give you an idea of what Sam’s cutting diet looks like.

Table 3. Sam Sulek Cutting Meal Plan
Meal Quantity/Food Macros Calories
Pre-Cardio 2 eggs, cheese, oil, low-carb sauce, milk C 42g, F 11g, P 70g 547 calories
Post-Cardio 2 low-carb buns, salmon sushi C 56g, F 7g, P 18g 359 calories
Pre-Workout 3 low-carb bun, peanut butter sandwiches C 25g, F 10g, P 30g 310 calories
Post-Workout 25g dextrose, 1 scoop whey, 3 PB sammies C 36g, F 13g, P 45g 441 calories
Dinner 3 cups Carbmaster milk, Wendy’s Chicken C 76 g, F 20g, P 62g 732 calories
Snack 1 pack fancy ramen C 66g, F 7g, P 8g 359 calories
Total   C 301g, F 68g, 233g 2,748 calories

It’s important to point out that Sam Sulek’s cutting diet target is 2,500 daily calories. Assuming his total daily energy expenditure is still around 4,100 calories, that means he should be in a 1,600-calorie deficit.

That’s a pretty extreme 40% deficit, which studies show results in significant muscle loss in normal individuals. Additionally, jumping straight from 5,000 calories to 2,500 calories a day is a metabolic shock that would result in muscle loss for the average Joe.

Again, Sam’s extreme approach to dieting works for him due to his unique genetics and pharmaceutical enhancements. Moreover, his “if it fits your macros” strategy is effective from an energy standpoint, but it is not ideal for overall health and longevity.

Sam Sulek Workouts

Sam Sulek has an impressive amount of resistance training knowledge despite his limited years of experience. His workouts are generally well thought out and pre-planned.

Sulek follows a workout routine similar to the bro split, where he trains a single muscle group in most workouts. This includes workouts for legs, chest, back, and arms, with shoulders mixed in where he sees fit.

However, Sam does not keep a logbook or record his workouts, which makes it harder to apply progressive overload. Additionally, his technique in many exercises could improve by moving the weight in a more slow and controlled fashion.

Overall, Sulek prefers low-volume, high-intensity training, where he performs 2-3 exercises per muscle group for a total of 8-12 sets. Below is an example of one of Sam Sulek’s leg workouts.

Sulek’s strength on squats is elite-level, especially considering he uses a super narrow stance with nearly perfect form.

Sam Sulek Leg Day Workout

Sam Sulek’s leg workout consists of about 22 total sets, 11 for hamstrings and 11 for quads. He accomplishes this with two exercises per muscle group, one compound and one isolation.

  1. Hamstring Curls
  2. Cable RDLs
  3. Heel Elevated Narrow Stance Squats
  4. Leg Extensions

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