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Find Your Bulking Calories

If you’re here, that means you’re struggling to bulk up. You’ve tried other bulking plans, but the scale didn’t budge. Worst of all, you’re training hard with nothing to show for it.

As simple as it sounds, the number of calories you eat is usually the thing holding you back. That’s why you need a bulking calorie calculator designed to find your personal calorie intake for muscle gain.

bulking calorie calculator

The Problem With Other Bulking Calorie Calculators

Other calculators use outdated formulas that assume you’re average. Two studies in 2019 confirm these equations aren’t valid for athletes and trained individuals1,2.

In addition, standard equations don’t account for genetic variability. My own study of over 16,000 individuals shows that nearly 1 in 3 men have a body type associated with a faster metabolism.

bulking calorie calculator body types

As a result, other calculators underestimate how many calories you need.

For example, the top 5 bulking calculators say I need to eat around 2,600 calories to gain weight. When I lose weight rapidly at that number because I have an ecto-meso body type.

In fact, my tests revealed that some calculators are off by as much as 40% or 1,000 calories!

For this reason, I updated the standard and created new formulas. My bulking calorie calculator takes your individual body type into account.

bulking calorie calculator

Find Your Bulking Calories

Another benefit of this bulking calorie calculator is that you get two targets. One calorie target for days you workout and another for rest days.

By adjusting your calories to your activity level, you gain muscle without gaining excess fat.

bulking calorie calculator example

Example bulking calories for workout day and rest day.

See Your Projected Weight Gain

In addition to calorie targets, you’ll see how much weight you can expect to gain.

bulking calorie calculator weight gain

Example of projected weight gain.

Get Personalized Bulking Recommendations

Finally, you’ll get recommendations to bulk up faster when your weight gain is less than 1 lb per week.

bulking calorie calculator recommendations

Example of bulking recommendations.

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