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Bulking Macro Calculator

Find Your Bulking Macros for Free

Are you struggling to bulk up? And confused about how to calculate macros for bulking?

Then you’ve come to the right place. My bulking macro calculator is unlike any other macro calculator online.

This calculator uses new equations developed for bodybuilders. So you can gain lean muscle without the excess fat – and get the physique you desire.

Lean Bulk Basics

When it comes to bodybuilding nutrition calories are king. Because if you don’t eat enough calories, you won’t gain muscle – period.

Therefore, it’s important to determine your calorie intake before we calculate macros.

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bulking calorie macro calculator

Find Your Macros for Bulking

After we find your ideal calorie intake, it’s time to calculate bulking macros. With the bulking macro calculator you get two sets of macros.

One set of macros for days you workout and another for rest days.

bulking macro calculator example

Example bulking macros for workout day and rest day.


When bulking, it’s important to eat enough carbs to fuel and recover from intense workouts. Whereas you don’t need as many carbs on rest days.

By adjusting your carb intake to your activity level, you make lean gains. This simple concept is called carb cycling.

Carbs should be about 50% of calories on workout days and 20% on rest days.


As with carbs, your fat intake depends on your activity level.

For example, it’s best to keep fat lower when carbs and are high and activity is intense. When carbs drop on a rest day, fat can go up to provide a steady energy source.

Fat should be about 20% of calories on workout days and 50% on rest days.


High protein intake is required on a bulking program. So it will only fluctuate a little between workout days and rest days.

Protein should be around 30% of your calories on workout days and rest days.

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