REP Fitness Power Rack

1-Year Review and Buyer’s Guide

By: Jeremy Fox, CNC, CPTUpdated: April 1, 2024

A power rack is a foundational piece of any gym because it allows you to perform countless free-weight exercises in a relatively compact space.

When you first start researching home gym power racks, purchasing one of the budget brands is tempting. I know because I almost did it myself!

But then I realized that purchasing a power rack is not the time to pinch pennies. Still, you don’t have to spend thousands for commercial gym equipment, either.

After weeks of research, I bought the REP Fitness power rack because of its value and customization. So I wanted to share my thoughts and experience to help you feel confident about your decision before investing in a home gym power rack.

REP Fitness Power Rack PR-4000

I actually purchased and use this equipment, if you buy it through my links I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

REP Fitness Power Rack Overview

A power rack is a steel frame where you can perform free-weight exercises like squats, deadlifts, presses, and pull-ups. Plus, dozens of add-ons can turn your power rack into a complete home gym.

REP Fitness manufactures heavy-duty, highly customizable power racks designed to be your home gym’s centerpiece. The REP power rack lineup includes three different models: PR-1000, PR-4000, and PR-5000. In addition, they have an Apollo half-rack system.

REP Fitness Power Racks:
  • PR-1000 – affordable, light duty, less customization
  • PR-4000 – more expensive, heavy-duty, more customization
  • PR-5000 – most expensive, heavy-duty, most customization

The 1000 series is more of an entry-level power rack best suited to a smaller gym or lower workload. And it includes a PR-1050 short rack and a PR-1100 with a multi-grip pull-up bar.

Next, the PR-4000 is closer to a commercial gym power rack for a more robust home gym setup. It has extensive attachment options, including a cable lat pulldown and belt squat.

Finally, the PR-5000 has the same frame construction as the PR-4000, with more mounting options. And there are a few extra utility add-ons, like barbell hangers and tube stands.

In my opinion, the PR-4000 is worth the investment due to the solid construction and practical upgrades. However, I don’t think the limited extra features of the PR-5000 are worth the added cost for most home gym owners.

For this reason, I purchased a REP Fitness PR-4000 power rack for my home gym. And I will be mainly discussing that model from here on out.

REP Fitness Power Rack Render

PR-4000 REP Fitness Power Rack Specifications

The REP Fitness PR-4000 power rack is constructed with 3×3” 11-gauge steel and has a weight capacity of 1,000 lbs. By comparison, budget racks use 12 or 14-gauge steel, which is thinner and less durable.

In addition, the uprights have 5/8″ holes with 2” spacing and 1” spacing at bench height. The tighter “westside spacing” makes it easier to set the bar at just the right level for un-racking and re-racking.

Laser-cut numbers on every 5th hole also make it simple to line up attachments, j-cups, and safety bars for your lifts. Finally, the PR-4000 power rack is customizable for height, depth, color, and plate storage.

Table 1. REP Fitness Power Rack Specifications (PR-4000)
Material 3×3 11-Gauge Steel
Weight Capacity 1,000lbs
Height 80″ or 93″
Overall Width 51″
Crossmember Depth 16″, 24″, 30″, 41″
Overall Depth Crossmember +9″
Weight Storage Optional
Attachments 10+

REP Fitness Power Rack Builder

Another feature that sold me on the REP Fitness brand is their Rack Builder. This feature lets you customize your rack and see what it will look like in real time.

Build Your Rack

REP Fitness Power Rack Builder

This is what the rack builder looks like before any customizations. REP Fitness is the only company I found with this cool feature.

In addition, you can preview the power rack in your room. For example, I used this feature to see how my rack would fit in my gym space before I purchased it.

Since my rack was going in the basement, I went with the shorter 80” height. And I opted for the 30” rack depth with an added 16” for weight storage. All in the metallic black color.

I chose the old-school pin-pipe safeties and standard J-cups to save a little money. But I splurged on the multi-grip pull-up bar to give more variation and vertical space.

REP Fitness Power Rack Room Viewer

Here is an example of the “View in Your Space” option. It comes in handy for sizing your rack.

REP Fitness Power Rack Final Install

This is how it looks after renovation and install.

REP Fitness Power Rack Attachments

The REP Fitness PR-4000 has several attachments you can choose from in the rack builder. Or you can start with the base rack and upgrade with attachments later.

Here is a list of the currently available power rack attachments:

  • Dip Station (drop-in or Y-bar)
  • ISO Arms
  • Landmine
  • Leg Roller
  • Band Pegs
  • Belt Squat
  • Front Foot Extension
  • Spotter Arms
  • Wall Ball Target
  • Lat Pulldown

As you can see, there are attachments to increase stability and functionality or set up specific exercises. About a month after my rack arrived, I purchased the landmine attachment, which has opened up several new exercise variations.

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REP Fitness PR 4000 Power Rack Review

On the REP Fitness website, buyers gave the PR-4000 rack 5.0 stars. And there are literally no reviews under five stars, which could be a sign of a great product or possibly filtering of reviews.

To find out which was the case, I tried to find reviews from a third-party site. Unfortunately, there were none except Amazon, and they only have the PR-1100 rack, not a direct comparison.

Still, I decided to move forward with the REP Fitness rack. And after using it for some time, my rating of the power rack is 4.8 out of 5.

I’ll explain why the REP Fitness power rack deserves this rating in the following sections.


One factor influencing which power rack you order is how fast it gets delivered. I received my REP Fitness power rack six business days after ordering, so no complaints there.

Also, it was packaged in several smaller boxes, so it wasn’t terribly challenging to lug around. And all the boxes were in relatively good shape on arrival.

I also ordered the dumbbell rack and adjustable bench, so there were a lot of boxes.

REP Fitness Power Rack Delivery

Definitely one of the largest and most exciting deliveries I’ve ever gotten 😂


After opening the boxes, all the contents were nicely bubble wrapped to protect the paint. And the upright posts were color-coded to show which side they should go on.

Plus, you can scan a QR code to see the REP Fitness power rack assembly instructions, which are pretty handy. But there are more pictures than descriptions, so exactly how things should go is not always clear.

For example, I somehow assembled the uprights with the inside facing out. And I had to remove every bolt and reassemble them again. It would have been nice to have more details in the instructions.

REP Fitness Power Rack Assembly

The uprights are color-coded by side, but you should still take a minute to ensure they are facing the proper direction before bolting together.

On that note, there were 56 total nuts and bolts on my version of the power rack. The directions recommend using two 24mm wrenches, which I doubt mechanics even have pairs of in their garage.

Of course, you could use two crescent wrenches (which I had), but that still would take forever. It’s best to use a socket wrench if you want to finish this project in less than 3 hours.

So I ran over to a nearby Menard’s and purchased a 24mm socket, which also required me to buy a ½” socket drive. And I threw in a 24mm wrench just to prevent stripping.

Assembly Tools

I recommend using a 24mm socket wrench and a 24mm wrench.

In total, I spent about $50 buying the tools to assemble this power rack. But I look at it as an investment in my toolbox.

With the short rack, the assembly instructions show the 2.5 lb weight horn mounted on the inside of the frame. And I’ve seen this setup on commercial gym racks before.

But, personally, I don’t like having to reach around the rack when loading/unloading plates. So I measured the diameter of each of my cast iron plates and figured out how to install all weight horns on one side.

REP Fitness Power Rack Weight Horn

You can mount the weight horns as shown in the instructions.

REP Fitness Power Rack 2.5lb horn

Or space them out like I did to keep all the plates on one side.


Once everything was assembled, I was impressed by how professional the REP Fitness power rack looked. The steel is thick, the welds are well done, and the paint job is professional.

In addition, the power rack is super stable with no wobbling. And once I loaded it with weight plates, it was rock solid even without bolting it down.

I’ve gone up as high as 365 lbs on squats with no movement from the rack whatsoever.


Even without any attachments, this power rack provides plenty of versatility for training every muscle group. But you’ll want to get a weight bench for training your chest.

If you have a bar, weight, plates, and dumbbells, that’s really all you need. Or you could use the add-ons to turn the REP Fitness rack into a complete home gym.

For example, the lat pulldown attachment gives you a high and low pulley for doing dozens of cable exercises. At the same time, the ISO arms turn your rack into a unilateral plate-loaded machine.

In addition, the 80″ rack is not as cramped as I thought. There is plenty of room for pullups and hanging crunches. Although I have to work outside the rack when doing overhead presses.

For depth, the 30″ crossmembers provide ample space inside the rack. Here’s a video of me squatting to give you an idea of its size and scale.

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REP Fitness power racks have starting prices ranging from $400 to $1000, depending on the model you choose. And the PR-4000 power rack in this article starts at $800 with the most basic configuration.

At first, that may sound steep compared to budget racks that can cost as low as $300. However, a comparable rack from a high-end brand like Rogue starts at around $900.

Therefore, REP Fitness racks cost somewhere between the high-end and budget brands. Yet the quality is on par with the best home gym racks on the market.

More decked-out racks can get expensive fast, and the final tally for my customized PR-4000 was almost $1600. But again, I view it as a lifetime investment in something I will use almost every day.


I compared the REP Fitness power rack to other top-selling racks. Table 2 below shows each brand’s cost, steel grade, and average customer rating (out of 5 stars).

As you can see, the REP Fitness rack has the best reviews and a reasonable cost for commercial-grade equipment.

Table 2. REP Fitness Power Rack vs Competitors
Brand Rack Base Cost Steel Reviews
ROGUE Fitness Monster Lite $895 11-Gauge 4.9
REP Fitness PR-4000 $800 11-Gauge 5.0
Titan Fitness X-3 $740 11-Gauge 4.7
Fitness Reality 810 XLT $300 14-Gauge 4.7

REP Power Rack FAQ

Next, I’ll answer some other questions that you might have before buying a REP Fitness power rack.

Is REP as good as Rogue?

The REP Fitness PR-4000 power rack is very similar to the Rogue Monster Lite power rack. And the PR-5000 closely resembles the regular Rogue Monster racks.

The main difference is that Rogue has more standard configurations and accessories. However, REP offers more customization in terms of rack size and color.

With that, Rogue racks and accessories cost about 10-30% more than REP Fitness products, even though the quality is similar. One reason is that Rogue is manufactured in the USA.

Where are REP Fitness power racks made?

REP Fitness power racks are designed in Colorado but manufactured in China. This is the main reason they can offer lower prices with similar quality to Rogue.

What’s the difference between the PR-4000 and PR-5000 racks?

The main difference between the REP Fitness PR-4000 and PR-5000 is the mounting hole size and spacing. Basically, the PR-5000 is designed for more efficient height adjustments.

For instance, the PR-4000 has 5/8″ holes with 2″ standard spacing and 1″ (westside) spacing in the bench zone. While the PR-5000 has 1″ holes and westside spacing throughout.

In addition, the PR-4000 has laser-etched numbering every 5th hole. While the PR-5000 rack has every hole numbered. 

Do I need to bolt my REP Fitness power rack down?

Depending on your rack configuration, you may not need to bolt it down. For example, deeper racks with weight storage are generally more stable. And you can add front stabilizers to eliminate the need to anchor.

However, you should bolt your power rack to the floor if using an accessory that attaches off the front of the rack, such as the spotter arms, ISO arms, or globe pull-up bar.

How do I know which depth to choose for my power rack?

You may need to choose 16″ or 24″ crossmembers if you have a smaller gym. But you could move up to 30″ or 41″ if you have more space.

In addition, a deeper crossmember provides more room for exercises performed inside the rack. And more depth also helps increase the stability of your rack.

REP Fitness Landmine Rack

REP Fitness Power Rack Purchase Options

As I mentioned earlier, you can buy the REP Fitness PR-1000 series power rack on Amazon. They even have some nice accessory bundles for under $1,000.

However, the only place to get the PR-4000 and 5000 is the REP Fitness website. There, you’ll find more pictures and reviews, plus the awesome rack builder feature I showed you earlier.

REP Fitness Dumbbell Rack

If you’re building a home gym, you’ll probably also need a solid dumbbell rack. Check out my review of the REP Fitness dumbbell rack and see if it’s the right fit for your gym.

Rep Fitness Dumbbell Rack

I hope this guide has helped you make an educated decision about your home gym purchase, even if you don’t go with REP Fitness. For more informative articles, check out my other great fitness-related content below!

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