REP Fitness Landmine Attachment

Specs, Installation Guide, & Review

REP Fitness Landmine

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A landmine is a versatile addition to any gym because it transforms a basic barbell into a multifunctional machine. Still, you might be on the fence about spending money on such a small chunk of metal.

Well, I recently purchased the REP Fitness landmine attachment for my home gym, and I couldn’t be more satisfied. So I decided to share my thoughts and experience to help you feel confident about your decision before spending any money.

REP Fitness Landmine Overview

A landmine is essentially a steel tube that pivots about an anchored base. You insert one end of a barbell into the landmine so you can use it for a variety of lever-type exercises.

REP Fitness sells free-standing and attachment landmines. In this article, I’ll be talking about the landmine attachment which bolts onto your power rack with a simple pin and collars.

REP Fitness Landmine Specifications

The REP Fitness landmine attachment is made from solid steel and assembled with welds and a single large bolt for the pivot point. At the same time, this attachment is relatively compact and weighs 8 lbs.

Based on my measurements, the overall length is about 16 inches, extending just 5 inches from the side of the rack. In addition, the landmine is compatible with standard 2-inch barbells or smaller 1-inch diameter bars.

The REP Fitness website has slightly different measurements. So I’m unsure if I have an alternate model or if they just took the measurements differently. Here is a summary of their specs.

Table 1. REP Fitness Landmine Specifications

Material Steel
Attachment Length 14.9″
Tube Length 11.8″
Weight 8lbs


Rep Fitness Landmine Install

Installing the REP Fitness landmine is easy. However, there are no installation instructions, so the first time can be tricky.

I must admit, I initially tried mounting the bracket around the power rack frame and got a bit frustrated. Then I realized that it mounts adjacent to the side of the frame after pulling up some pics on my phone.

Hey, even mechanical engineers need a hint sometimes! And I decided to write some instructions, so you don’t have to make the same mistake I did.

REP Fitness Landmine Installation

Don’t try to install the landmine over the frame. It should go alongside the frame.

To install your landmine attachment, loosen the set screws with the provided 4mm Allen wrench. Then slide the collars off the pin.

Next, line up the holes in the landmine with the holes in the power rack frame. Now slide the pin through the landmine mounting bracket but don’t put it through the frame yet.

First, place one of the collars between the landmine and the frame. Then slide the pin through the frame and place the other collar on the end.

Finally, sandwich everything together and tighten the set screws on both collars to hold it in place. Here are some pictures to show the process and final assembly.

REP Fitness Landmine Install 1
REP Fitness Landmine Install Final
REP Fitness Landmine Install Close Up

REP Fitness Landmine Review

On the REP Fitness website, buyers gave this dumbbell rack a rating of 4.8 stars. But you might be skeptical about reviews published on a company-owned page.

So I also looked at reviews on third-party websites as well. And buyers still consistently ranked the REP landmine with 5 stars.

After reading the reviews, I was convinced to give it a try. So, here is my assessment of the delivery, setup, functionality, durability, and value.


The only negative reviews I found had to do with shipping issues. One person didn’t receive the pin, while another had cosmetic damage.

My experience was much better. The landmine arrived six days after I placed the order, plus everything was accounted for and in good condition.

REP Fitness Landmine Attachment


All the other REP Fitness equipment I’ve ordered came with a QR code that takes you to assembly instructions. But the landmine attachment didn’t have a guide.

Moreover, I wasn’t the only one that got a little confused by the installation. One reviewer wrote, “I’ll admit to being an idiot that tried and succeeded in installing this over the cross-member at first.”

This gentleman was determined to make it fit over (instead of alongside) the cross-member. Luckily, I stopped when I felt like I was scraping the paint!

So it would be nice if they had basic directions to prevent people from scratching their shiny new power racks.


Once I got the landmine on the rack, I was impressed by how smoothly it moved. There has been no binding or metal-on-metal screeching like you might expect.

In addition, I’ve loaded the bar with three 45lb weight plates for landmine rows and had no issues with unwanted movement. Overall, the equipment is solid and stable.

I also like that the landmine easily folds up against the side of the rack, so it’s out of the way when not in use. And you can change the position to fit your needs.

For example, you can mount it on the side rail to keep it out of the way. Or put it on the front upright to adjust the height for different exercises.

REP Fitness Landmine Function

You can mount the landmine at any height on the rack’s upright. And it folds out of the way when not in use.


As with other REP fitness equipment, the landmine attachment is very well-built. The steel is thick, the welds are solid, and the matte black paint is tough.

So far, the landmine has held up well to the normal barbell bumps and dings. But I have not had it long enough to say how it will hold up over time.


The REP Fitness landmine attachment is priced at $89.99, which seems like a lot compared to budget brands under $50.

However, comparable big names in home gym equipment sell landmine attachments for up to $100. So, the REP landmine is a good balance of quality and cost.

Plus, I like knowing the attachments I buy are designed to be compatible with my REP Fitness power rack.


I compared the REP fitness attachment to other top-selling landmines. Table 2 below shows each brand’s cost and average customer rating (out of 5 stars).

As you can see, the REP Fitness landmine has the best reviews and a reasonable cost for high-end equipment.

Table 2. REP Fitness Landmine vs Competitors

Brand Cost Customer Rating
REP Fitness $89.99 4.9
ROGUE Fitness $100.00 4.7
Titan Fitness $94.99 4.5
Fitness Reality $59.99 4.8
HULKFIT $24.99 4.6

REP Landmine FAQ

Next, I’ll answer other questions you might have before buying the REP Fitness landmine.

Are landmine attachments worth it?

Landmine attachments combine the flexibility of free weights with the mechanical advantage of machines. And this combination results in new exercises to target any muscle group.

Therefore, a landmine attachment is a powerful investment to expand your home gym workout options.

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How does the landmine attach to the rack?

Using the provided pin, you can connect the landmine attachment to any horizontal holes in your power rack frame. Or you can use a band peg if you already have one.

Why are there two “holes” on the landmine attachment?

The larger tube is for standard barbells with 2” diameter sleeves, while the smaller tube is for 1” diameter bars.

REP Fitness Landmine Rack

REP Fitness Landmine Purchase Options

The easiest way to purchase your landmine attachment is from the REP Fitness website. You’ll find more pictures and reviews there, and it’s the only place I’ve seen it for $89.99.

You can also purchase the REP Fitness landmine on Amazon. However, they are currently out of stock at the time of this writing.

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I hope this guide has helped you make an informed decision about your landmine purchase, even if you don’t go with REP Fitness. For more informative articles, check out my other great fitness-related content below!

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