REP Fitness Dip Attachment

My Experience With the Drop-In Dip Attachment

By: Jeremy Fox, CNC, CPTPublished: October 11, 2023

Parallel bar dips are arguably the most functional exercise for the chest and triceps and investing in a dip station for your home gym is a must. But with so many options available, you may hesitate to pull the trigger.

In this review, I will share my experience with the REP Fitness dip attachment and compare it to other available options. My goal is to help you make an informed decision about this essential home gym purchase.

REP Fitness Dip Attachment Review

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What Is a Dip Station?

A dip station is a type of exercise equipment with two parallel handles connected to a stable base. Commercial gyms typically have dip stations as stand-alone frames on the floor or as assisted counterweight machines.

However, compact dip stations that can be attached to an existing power rack work best for smaller home gyms. Depending on your preference, various types of dip attachments are available for home gyms.

Home Gym Dip Attachment Types

There are two main types of home gym dip attachments. One is typically called a drop-in dip attachment and consists of two separate pieces for each handle. The other is a one-piece attachment with two handles, sometimes called a Y dip bar.

Both types attach to power rack holes like a J-cup, anchored by a robust pin and a “C” bracket. The bracket is usually lined with plastic to prevent damage to the rack.

Which Is Better?

When it comes to home gym dip attachments, each type has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, the one that suits you the most will depend on your gym setup and personal preferences.

The single-post dip attachment is more affordable, easier to store, and can attach to any power rack or rig upright. However, in my experience, it is not as stable and tends to wiggle during use.

On the other hand, the dual-post dip attachment is more expensive, takes up more space, and only works between two uprights of standard spacing. Nevertheless, it offers much better stability and generally feels more sturdy.

If you are building a budget home gym, the Y dip bars will work just fine. But the drop-in dip bars are an excellent choice if you’re looking for a rock-solid attachment that does not wobble during dips.

I purchased the drop-in dip attachment to provide more stability, so that is the dip attachment I will discuss from here on out.

REP Fitness Drop In Dip Attachment

REP Fitness Dip Attachment (Drop-In)

The REP Fitness drop-in dip attachment consists of two pieces that mount to the left and right uprights, allowing you to perform dips in the center of the rack.

Additionally, the handles are tapered, so you can adjust your grip width from as wide as 24 inches to as narrow as 18 inches, depending on whether you want to focus on your chest vs triceps. And the 44mm (1.75 in) thickness provides a comfortable grip without digging into your palms.

The REP Fitness dip attachment is made from heavy-duty 11-gauge steel, which makes it capable of holding up to 810 lbs. Moreover, it has a cool REP mountain cutout that gives it a professional-grade appearance.

Table 1. REP Fitness Drop-In Dip Attachment Specs

Material 11-Gauge Steel
Handle Length 14″
Handle Width 18-24″
Handle Diameter 44mm
Weight (each) 18.2lbs
Weight Capacity 810lbs

REP Fitness Dip Attachment Review

On the REP Fitness website, buyers gave the drop-in dip attachment a rating of 4.8 stars compared to 4.5 stars for the Y-bar version. But website reviews tell the whole story, so here is my assessment of the REP dip bar assembly, stability, functionality, and value.


I ordered the dip attachment on September 3rd, and it arrived on September 9th, which is the typical delivery time for REP Fitness orders since they ship from Colorado or Pennsylvania.

I’ve noticed that the box tends to arrive slightly beaten up whenever I order heavy gym equipment. However, REP packages the contents fairly well, and items typically arrive in good condition.

I did notice a dent in the same spot on each handle, which I believe occurred during the manufacturing process, as the pain job was not damaged.

REP Fitness Dip Attachment Packaging
REP Fitness Dip Attachment Assembly

The dip bars are assembled using the same 24mm bolts as the REP power rack, so luckily, I already had the appropriate socket and wrench. I suggest using the correct tools since crescent wrenches may not secure the bolts tightly.

In my experience, assembling the dip bars was straightforward and only took me around 15 minutes, including unpacking time. However, the actual duration may vary based on the tools you have available.

Once assembled, the dip bars are very easy to take on and off the power rack in a matter of seconds. Finding a spot to store them is a bit trickier, but you could simply attach them to the top of the rack to get them out of the way.

REP Fitness Dip Attachment Put Together


My first impression of the REP Fitness dip attachment was that it is well-built. When the bolts are tightened, there is no play between the handles and upright support.

Once on the rack, there is a minimal gap between the “C-cup” and the frame, which can result in a slight lateral movement. Still, the drop-in bars have significantly less wiggle than the Y-bar variations.

Even with 45lb weighted dips, I feel very stable and comfortable on these dip bars.


The stability and mounting style of the drop-in dip bars make them extremely versatile for multiple dip variations and other exercises. I use the dip bars twice per week for chest dips and tricep dips.

How to Do Chest Dips vs Tricep Dips

Additionally, you can lower the height of the dip bars and perform bench dips to isolate the triceps further. Or change things up entirely and perform an inverted row or neutral grip pull-up in your back workout.

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The REP Fitness drop-in dip attachment is priced at $149.99 compared to $79.99 for the Y-bar version. This may sound expensive, but it’s comparable to other brands that offer commercial grade drop-in dip bars.

For example, budget dip bars start at about $60, while premium brands sell for as much as $325. Here is a list of various dip attachments for a price comparison.

Table 2. REP Dip Attachments vs Competitors

Brand Cost Type Weight Capacity
REP Fitness $149.99 Drop-In 810 lbs
REP Fitness $79.99 Y 400 lbs
ROGUE $95.00 Y 500 lbs
HULKFIT $59.99 Y 300 lbs
Titan Fitness $104.99 Drop-In 880 lbs

REP Fitness Dip Attachment FAQ

Next, I’ll answer other questions you might have before buying the REP Fitness dip attachment.

How do you attach dip bars to a squat rack?

Dip bars attach to the uprights of a power rack the same way as J-cups that hold the bar. The mounting area consists of a peg surrounded by a C-cup.

First, tilt the dip bar so the handle is towards the ceiling. Then, slide the peg into a mounting hole and lower the dip bar so the C-cup fits snuggly around the upright.

Can you do assisted dips on the power rack attachment?

You can do assisted dips on the power rack dip attachment in a few ways. One way is by placing a powerband around both handles and kneeling in the center. Or you could wrap the power band around a pull-up bar above the dip station.

Another way to perform assisted dips on a rack attachment is by having someone hold your feet. Alternatively, you could jump up and only perform the lowering portion of the dip.

Can you do weighted dips with the REP Fitness dip attachment?

The REP Fitness dip attachment allows you to do weighted dips in one of two ways. First, you can use a standard dip belt with a weight plate or dumbbell. You can also use the dip attachment with the belt squat for weighted dips.

Related: How to Do Weighted Dips With a Belt

Do you need to bolt down your power rack to use the dip attachment?

It is strongly recommended to bolt down your power rack to prevent it from tipping over while using the dip attachment. However, if you have a longer rack or front foot extensions, you don’t need to bolt it down.

Another option is to rotate the handles to the inside of the power rack, which prevents tipping.

REP Fitness Drop In Dip Attachment

REP Fitness Dip Attachment Purchase Options

The only place you can purchase the dip attachment featured in this article is from the REP Fitness website. There, you’ll find more pictures and reviews to help you make your final decision.

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