REP Fitness Dumbbell Rack Review

Complete Guide to Decide If It’s Best for Your Home Gym

By: Jeremy Fox, CNC, CPTUpdated: April 3, 2024

Investing in a set of dumbbells is one of the best things you can do for your home gym. But all those weights also take up valuable space and make your gym look messy.

So if you don’t want to search through a scattered pile of iron before every exercise, the solution is a dumbbell storage rack.

In this article, I review the REP Fitness dumbbell rack to help you decide if it’s the right storage solution for your home gym.

REP Fitness Dumbbell Rack

I actually purchased and use this dumbbell rack, if you purchase it through my links I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

REP Fitness Dumbbell Rack Overview

The REP Fitness dumbbell rack is a heavy-duty weight storage solution for home gyms. And the three-tier shelf design takes up less space while providing more storage.

In addition to function, the REP Fitness dumbbell rack comes in various attractive powder coat paint colors, including matte black, metallic black, blue, and red.

REP Fitness Dumbbell Rack Assembled

My assembled dumbbell rack in the metallic black color option.

REP Fitness Dumbbell Rack Specifications

If you’re detail-oriented like me, I know you’re looking for dimensions and design features. So let’s talk about the REP Fitness dumbbell rack’s specifications.

First, it’s constructed from 11-gauge steel, thicker than most home gym dumbbell racks, and comparable to commercial gym equipment.

Next, the REP Fitness dumbbell rack has an overall width of 48 inches (4 feet). And each shelf is 42.5 inches wide for a total of 127.5 inches of usable storage space.

Also, the three tiers are relatively compact, so the dumbbell rack only stands 34.6 inches tall. This makes getting dumbbells off the top rack easy, and you can still put a mirror behind it.

Finally, the REP Fitness rack is rated for up to 1,000 lbs. So it can hold the heaviest sets of dumbbells.

Here is a table summarizing the dumbbell rack specifications. These numbers come from the REP Fitness website, and I verified them with my own measurements and tests.

Table 1. REP Dumbbell Rack Specifications

Height 34.6″
Width 48″
Depth 23.4″
Total Shelf Space 127.5″
Weight Capacity 1,000lbs

REP Fitness Dumbbell Rack Review

On the REP Fitness website, buyers gave this dumbbell rack a rating of 4.9 stars. But you might be skeptical about reviews published on a company website.

So I also looked at reviews on third-party websites. And buyers still consistently ranked the dumbbell rack with 4.8 stars.

After reading the reviews, I was convinced to purchase a REP Fitness dumbbell rack. So, here is my assessment of the assembly, functionality, durability, and value.


I ordered my dumbbell rack on December 29th and received it on January 9th. Not super-fast, yet not painfully slow either.

The box arrived a little dinged up, but all the contents were in perfect condition when I opened it. Inside the box are the legs, cross members, brackets, and hardware.

REP Fitness Dumbbell Rack Box
REP Fitness Dumbbell Rack Box Open

Overall, the instructions were straightforward, and the assembly was pretty easy. In total, it only took me about an hour, including unpacking. Although it could take longer depending on your tools.

I opted to use my 11/16” socket wrench even though it’s slightly bigger than the 17mm bolts. And I recommend doing this if you can because the multitool provided is barely adequate to get the job done.

Another small complaint is that the hardware is difficult to get out of the packaging. But other than that, it was simple to put together.

REP Fitness Dumbbell Rack Hardware


Storage capacity is one of the main reasons I bought the REP Fitness rack. Apparently, it is designed to hold 5-50lb rubber hex dumbbells.

However, I have cast iron dumbbells, which have a smaller diameter. So I could fit my 15-65lb old-school dumbbell set on the REP rack, as shown below.

The only potential problem I can see is that the vertical spacing could start getting tight with larger-diameter dumbbells, such as rubber 75+ pounders.

Rep Fitness Dumbbell Rack With Weights

The dumbbell rack is sturdy with 15-65lb dumbbells – 880lbs of total weight.


My first impression of the REP fitness dumbbell rack was that it is very well built. The metal is thick, the bolts are large, and the welds look solid.

With my dumbbell collection, I have 880lbs on the rack, and it’s holding strong. There is a very slight wiggle if you push from the side, but overall it’s stable.

In addition, the bottom level shows little to no bending while holding my 55-65lb dumbbells (360 lbs total). The REP website shows the rack holding 90-95lb dumbbells on one level (370 lbs total).

The metallic black paint looks fantastic and seems tough. After more than one year of use, the crossmembers have some scratches from the iron dumbbells, but that’s to be expected since I don’t have plastic guards.

Rep Fitness Dumbbell Rack Hex Rubber Weights

The dumbbell rack with REP Fitness hex dumbbells 5-50lbs.


The REP Fitness dumbbell rack is priced at $209.99. At first glance, this appears high compared to budget brands in the $100-200 price range.

However, I looked at the cost in terms of the price per inch of storage. And when you do that, the cost of the REP rack is comparable to cheaper options with less storage.

In addition, I feel like the price for higher quality steel is worth the peace of mind that the rack won’t bend or break under the weight of heavy dumbbells.


I compared the REP fitness storage rack to other top-selling dumbbell racks to make a quantitative decision about this purchase. In table 2 below, I compiled the cost, usable space, and cost per inch of space for each rack.

Then I also added a column for whether or not the dumbbell rack is commercial grade based on the thickness of the steel and the load capacity.

As you can see, the REP Fitness storage rack has the most storage and lowest cost among commercial-grade equipment. By comparison, the CAP dumbbell rack offers slightly more storage, but it can bend under heavy dumbbells.

Table 2. REP Dumbbell Rack vs Competitors

Brand Cost Usable Storage $/in Commercial Grade
REP Fitness $209.99 127.5″ $1.65 Yes
CAP Barbell $156.00 135″ $1.16 No
Marcy $139.99 93″ $1.51 No
Rogue $260.00 101″ $2.57 Yes
Body Solid $222.00 102″ $2.18 Yes

REP Fitness Dumbbell Rack FAQ

Next, I’ll answer other questions you might have before buying the REP Fitness storage rack.

Does the REP Fitness rack work with dumbbells from other brands?

Yes, you can put almost any brand of dumbbells on the REP fitness rack. For example, you can store hex, round, cast iron, and rubber dumbbells.

I have CAP barbell cast iron hex dumbbells, and they fit perfectly. The only exception would be very small (<10lb) dumbbells that may sit on the shelf’s one-inch lip.

Is the REP Fitness dumbbell rack worth the cost?

When you factor in the amount of storage space and the durability, the REP Fitness dumbbell rack is a great value. So it’s a great option for any basement gym or garage gym.

In addition, the REP fitness rack’s quality construction and limited lifetime warranty mean it should last decades in your home gym.

By comparison, cheaper racks just aren’t as good if you have a decent number of dumbbells due to the limited amount of storage and the flimsiness of the metal.

Will I need more than one dumbbell rack?

If you have a large number of (or large-size) dumbbells, you may need more than one rack. But this depends on your weights.

For example, the REP Fitness website shows the rack holding 5-50lb rubber-coated hex dumbbells in 5lb weight increments. So if you have 2.5lb increments, you may need a second rack.

To determine exactly how many racks you need, I recommend measuring the diameter of each size of dumbbell you have. Then multiply by two for Paris of dumbbells to get the total linear inches of storage space you need.

Each REP Fitness dumbbell rack has 147.5” of usable storage space. So if you have more total dumbbell width than that, you will need a second rack.

REP Fitness Dumbbell Rack Purchase Options

The easiest way to purchase your dumbbell rack is from the REP Fitness website. There, you’ll find more pictures and reviews, and it’s the only place you can get it for the price of $209.99.

You can also purchase the REP Fitness dumbbell rack on Amazon. However, it costs about 18% more, at $246.99.

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I hope this guide has helped you make an informed decision about your dumbbell rack purchase, even if you don’t go with REP Fitness. For more informative articles, check out my other great fitness-related content below!

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