Mesomorph Diet & Workout Plan

If you’re a mesomorph, then getting fit comes easier for you. But good genes aren’t a free pass, and you might still be unhappy with the way you look.

The truth is, even naturally muscular people must pay attention to nutrition and training.

In this article, I’ll teach you the mesomorph diet and workout plan to unlock your full potential and get the body you want.

mesomorph diet and workout

What Is A Mesomorph?

When you people-watch, you’ll start to notice similarities in body shapes. Some people tend to be heavier, while others are naturally thin.

These patterns in physical traits are called body types. And there are three different categories called endomorph, ectomorph, and mesomorph.

Mesomorphs are people in the middle of the body type spectrum. They gain weight easily, but can also lose weight with little effort.

If you have the mesomorph body type, consider yourself lucky. Because it means you have good genes for building muscle and burning fat.

However, being a true mesomorph is somewhat uncommon. Only 1 in 8 people are pure mesomorphs.

More often, people are a blend of mesomorph with endomorph or ectomorph. In fact, 2 out of 3 people are blended mesomorphs.

what is a mesomorph body type

Are you a pure mesomorph or a blend? Take the Body Type Quiz

But being even part mesomorph can be both a blessing and a curse. When you’re naturally in good shape, it’s easier to slack off with workouts and overlook nutrition.

Yet, mesomorphs have the potential to build incredible bodies when they dial in diet and workouts.

4 Aspects of The Mesomorph Diet

Even for mesomorphs, nutrition is the most significant factor in reaching your fitness goals. As an ecto-meso, I can tell you that it’s still easy to get out of shape if I screw up my diet!

Fortunately, nutrition doesn’t have to be super complicated. With my simple 4 part framework, you can burn fat and build muscle.

mesomorph diet

1. Calorie Balance

First, you need to know your personal calorie target for fat loss and muscle gain. Often, this is the biggest stumbling block for mesomorphs because you may be in decent shape without counting calories.

But if you’re not happy with your body, then it’s time to start. You need to know exactly how many calories you burn and then adjust your intake to reach your goals.

Find Your Body Type Specific Calorie Target

2. Food Choices

Next, the food you eat is the easiest change you can make. Healthy foods are more nutrient-dense, which helps fuel your body for peak performance.

Reach your fitness goals faster by adding more natural whole foods to your diet and avoiding processed foods.

mesomorph diet grocery list

3. Macronutrient Ratio

Another useful aspect of nutrition are macronutrients – specifically carbs and protein.

Carbohydrates are your body’s easiest source of energy to fuel workouts. And protein provides the building blocks for muscle.

When you combine the right amount of carbs and protein you increase lean muscle. And that also helps you burn more fat.

Get Your Goal Specific Macro Targets

4. Meal Schedule

Lastly, the time at which you eat your meals affects your body composition. Especially what you eat before and after your workouts.

In addition, your daily schedule should influence when you eat your meals.

7 Science-Backed Reasons Why Meal Timing Matters

3 Keys to the Mesomorph Workout

Mesomorphs are fast responders to resistance training. So you might see better results than someone else on the same workout routine.

However, this can create the illusion that a particular training program is working – even if it’s not ideal. And eventually, it leads to your progress stalling.

For mesomorphs, the key is continually challenging your muscles. And the solution is a 3 part mesomorph workout routine that keeps your muscles responding.

Stimulate Your Muscles

A stimulus is something that elicits a response from your body. Generally, the larger the stimulus, the larger the response.

In the case of resistance training, the stimulus is the stress placed on your muscles by moving weights. And your body responds by building bigger and stronger muscles.

At first, your muscles grow in response to light weights and easy workouts. But over time, you have to increase the stimulus to continue getting results.

Incrementally Increase the Stimulus

There are two ways to increase the stimulus in a resistance training workout; load and intensity. And a gradual increase in the stimulus is called progressive overload.

First, and most common, is increasing the load. This is when you raise the weight on an exercise a little bit each week. For a while, it results in steady strength and size gains.

mesomorph workout progressive overload

Plateau Busting Progressive Overload Program

Eventually, however, your progress slows down. And that’s when you need to change tactics.

Another way to overload muscles is by increasing intensity. Basically, you make your muscles work harder without increasing the weight.

This is done through exercise technique, rep range, number of sets, and rest periods among other things. And it results in a concentrated stimulus of the target muscle, which leads to more growth.

mesomorph workout intensity

How to Increase Workout Intensity With Drop Sets

Alternate Between Different Phases

Generally, increasing the load is best for strength gains while increasing intensity is best for muscle growth. But neither approach is best all the time because your body gets used to the stimulus.

Therefore, it’s ideal to periodically change between phases of strength and phases of growth. This way, you tap into your natural ability to respond to training.

While these mesomorph diet and workout tips aren’t groundbreaking new discoveries, that’s kind of the point. The key is practicing the small, easy steps consistently.

With consistency and a little hard work, you can reach your full genetic potential as a mesomorph.

Mesomorph Diet & Workout Plan

Now that you understand a little bit more about your body type, it’s time to get your personalized mesomorph diet and workout plan.

All you have to do is choose your body type and answer a few more questions. Then you’ll get a personalized goal-specific diet plan.

The best part is you get custom meals and recipes, so there’s no calorie or macro counting required!

And you can add a tailored workout routine to your plan as well.

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  • Burn fat & build muscle with body type specific nutrition
  • Simplify meal prep with delicious recipes formulated to fit your macros
  • Train smarter with a tailored workout plan
Customize Your Plan

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