Simeon Panda Height, Weight, & Body Statistics

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If you’re a fitness fan, you’ve probably seen Simeon Panda on social media or the cover of your favorite health magazine. His impressive physique looks like something out of a comic book or superhero cartoon.

As such, you may wonder about Simeon Panda’s height and weight. As well as the body measurements that result in such a Godly physique.

Keep reading to see Simeon Panda’s body statistics and more.

Simeon Panda Height Weight Body Statistics

Who Is Simeon Panda?

Simeon Panda is a British bodybuilder, fitness model, and entrepreneur appearing on the cover of magazines such as Muscle & Fitness, Train Mag, and Fitness RX. He competed in the MuscleMania Pro and won the European Championships in 2013.

In 2017, he was featured as one of Forbes’ top fitness influencers. With over 8 million Instagram followers and almost 3 million YouTube subscribers, it’s evident that Simeon Panda has grown a large audience.

Simeon owns Just Lift apparel and the Elimin8 challenge workout and diet service. And he currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Chanel Panda.

While Simeon started as a competitive bodybuilder, his current success is mainly due to his charismatic personality and incredibly aesthetic physique.

Simeon Panda Height and Weight

Simeon Panda Height, Weight, Body Statistics

Simeon Panda was born on May 28, 1986, which means he turns 38 years old in 2024. He stands 6’1” (185.5cm) tall and weighs 225 lbs (102kg) with less than 10% body fat.

According to his Twitter account, Simeon has a 49” chest, 30” waist, 27.5” thighs, 19” arms, 19” neck, and 17” thighs.

Age 38 years old
Height 6’1″ (186cm)
Weight 225 lbs (102kg)
Body Fat <10%
Chest 49″
Waist 30″
Thighs 27.5″
Arms 19″
Neck 19″
Calves 17″

In terms of body proportions, Simeon Panda is an absolute freak of nature. For example, his chest is 49 inches compared to the average male chest size of 40 inches.

In addition, his 30-inch waist is 10 inches smaller than the average waist size for men. At the same time, his legs measure 38% larger than the average thigh size.

Simeon Panda also has huge arms and a thick neck, which happen to be the same circumference. And this is one of the golden body ratios featured in the ideal Greek God Physique.

Finally, I noticed that Simeon Panda also has some other unusual proportions. For example, his arms are extraordinarily long, with his fingertips reaching close to his knees and elbows lower than his navel. This means his torso is comparatively short and compact, adding to his extreme v-taper.

Simeon Panda Body Statistics

Simeon Panda Workout, Diet, & Supplements

Simeon Panda offers workout, diet, and supplement plans through his Elimin8 challenge online service. Plans include resistance training, cardio, and nutrition guidance for $100 per month. However, personalized plans will cost you $500 per month.

You can also learn about Simeon’s workout routine and diet plan on his YouTube channel. Some of his most popular videos feature workouts with other big-name fitness personalities such as Larry Wheels and Tristyn Lee.

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Is Simeon Panda Natural?

Most fitness influencers don’t talk much about steroids. But Simeon Panda regularly claims that he’s a lifetime natural bodybuilder.

This assertion is met with at no shortage of skepticism and even some hateful trolling. So is Simeon Panda on steroids? Or is he possibly telling the truth about being natural?

Without a drug test, it’s impossible to say for sure. However, some telltale signs of steroid use could give us an idea of whether Simeon Panda is natural.

First, we can look at Simeon’s body type and genetics. In his transformation pictures, it’s clear that he had a naturally lean, muscular, and athletic build even before training consistently. And it took many years for him to build the physique he has today.

In addition, Simeon Panda has a large frame despite his tiny waistline. That means he had plenty of room to add muscle mass and weight.

However, when standardized to other men his size, Simeon has an abnormal amount of muscle mass. Especially considering he maintains a body fat percentage of around 6-8% all the time.

In fact, we can plug Simeon Panda’s body measurements into a fat-free mass index (FFMI) calculator and get a quantitative value for his muscle mass. Simeon’s FFMI score is 27.7, which is extremely muscular and lean.

Furthermore, the FFMI cutoff for natural bodybuilders has long been set at 25. And a score in the 26-28 range is considered suspiciously unnatural. So Simeon’s 27.7 is pretty unlikely without steroids.

Is Simeon Panda Natural

On the other hand, Simeon Panda doesn’t exhibit some of the traditional side effects of steroid abuse, such as acne, flushed skin, and hair loss. Still, his muscle density and vascularity are key indicators of performance-enhancing drugs.

Finally, Simeon exhibits extraordinary strength. In the video below, he shows a 1RM squat of 605 lbs, which is stronger than 98% of lifters in his weight class. And Simeon does this while training as a bodybuilder, not a powerlifter!

Therefore, if Simeon Panda is natural, he must have 1 in 100 million genetics or some alien mutation for muscle size and strength. But the more likely explanation is that he cycles with some form of steroids and covers it up to maintain his natty persona.

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Despite his potential enhancement, Simeon Panda has one of the most impressive physiques among fitness athletes of the last 10 years. Just don’t base your personal fitness goals on his body proportions or workout plans.

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