How Much Does A Hex Bar Weigh?

The hex bar is gaining popularity in commercial and home gyms. But you probably asked how much a hex bar weighs the first time you used it. Because, unlike straight barbells, there isn’t a standard hex bar weight.

For this reason, I put together a complete guide to hex bars. So you can find out exactly how much weight you’re lifting.

How Much Does A Hex Bar Weigh

What Is a Hex Bar?

A hex bar is a weightlifting apparatus named for its 6-sided hexagon shape. This structure means that you stand in the center of the bar during most exercises.

One of the key distinctions of the hex bar is that you hold the bar at your sides. A neutral grip is comfortable and prevents the bar from slipping out of your hands.

hex bar

Are A Hex Bar and Trap Bar The Same?

Yes, they are the same thing! A hex bar is sometimes called a trap bar because it’s good for doing shoulder shrugs. But you can use this bar for many other exercises, too.

How Much Does a Hex Bar Weigh?

Most hex bars weigh 45-52 lbs, but they can range from 19 to 77 lbs depending on the design. Below are some examples of common hex bar types and their weight.

Table 1. How Much Does A Hex Bar Weigh?

Hex Bar Type Weight
Standard 45 lbs (20.5 kg)
Raised Handle 50-55 lbs (22.7-25 kg)
Heavy-Duty 60 lbs (27.2 kg)
Multi Handle 60-65 lbs (27.2-29.5 kg)
Open Back 77 lbs (35 kg)
Cheapo 19-28 lbs (8.6-12.7 kg)

Hex Bar Weight by Type

You probably aren’t familiar with all the different types of hex bars. So here is a brief description of each bar type and how the design affects its weight.

Standard Hex Bar Weight

First up is the standard hex bar. This bar has a hexagonal shape with a single bar handle on each side.

With its minimalist design, the standard hex bar usually weighs 45 lbs.

How Much Does A Hex Bar Weigh Standard

Raised Handle Hex Bar Weight

Also common in gyms is the raised handle hex bar. It has an additional set of handles raised 4-8 inches above the centerline of the bar.

The extra steel used in the design can add a few pounds to the weight of the hex bar. As such, raised handle hex bars typically weigh 50-55 lbs.

How Much Does A Hex Bar Weigh Raised Handle

Heavy-Duty Hex Bar Weight

Some hex bars are made from square steel tubing instead of a solid steel bar. This heavy-duty design makes it more rigid but also adds weight.

Most heavy-duty hex bars weigh around 60 lbs.

How Much Does A Hex Bar Weigh Heavy Duty

Multi Handle Hex Bar Weight

The multi-handle hex bar has one of the most interesting designs. As the name suggests, it has multiple handles of various diameters allowing you to choose your grip.

While it looks cool, the intricate design also reduces the total weight capacity. And the bells and whistles give this bar an unloaded weight of 60-65 lbs.

How Much Does A Hex Bar Weigh Multi Handle

Open Back Hex Bar Weight

Another interesting shape belongs to the open-back hex bar. Instead of wrapping all the way around, this bar is open on one side like a crescent moon.

The removal of the rear bar should make it lighter right? You would think. But open back bars generally have larger overall dimensions and weigh as much as 77 lbs!

How Much Does A Hex Bar Weigh Open Back

Cheapo Hex Bar Weight

Last (and definitely least) is the cheapo hex bar. These bars typically have a built-in platform on the bottom, making loading weight plates easier.

At less than $100, cheapo bars are the best deal. However, they are bolted together and made from low-strength steel. So they weigh as little as 19 lbs and aren’t built for lifting heavy loads.

How Much Does A Hex Bar Weigh Cheapo

How Much Does A Hex Bar Weigh With Plates?

It’s one thing to know how much a hex bar weighs unloaded. But how much does a hex bar weigh after you add weight plates?

The answer is you have to do the math. But that can be tedious, especially if you have a hex bar with an odd weight. So I created a hex bar weight calculator.

All you do is enter the weight of the empty bar and choose the number and size of the plates. Then the calculator finds the total loaded bar weight.

Hex Bar Weight Calculator

How Much Does A Hex Bar Weigh vs Other Bars?

With such a wide range of hex bar weights, you might need a reference point to decide which one is right for you. So here is a list of other common bar types and their weights.

Table 2. How Much Do Other Bars Weigh?

Bar Type Weight
Olympic Bar 45 lbs (20.5 kg)
Deadlift Bar 44 lbs (20.4 kg)
EZ Bar 18-30 lbs (8.2-13.6 kg)
Smith Machine Bar 6-32 lbs (2.7-14.5 kg)

Benefits Of the Hex Bar

Now that I’ve answered the question “how much does a hex bar weigh” you may be wondering why you might use a hex bar in the first place.

There are a few advantages the hex bar provides, especially on deadlifts. But it’s not right in every situation either.

Is A Hex Bar Deadlift Easier?

Most people find the hex bar deadlift easier. The reason is that you don’t have to lean as far forward at the start of the movement.

You put less stress on your lower back with a more upright posture. As well as incorporating more muscle groups in the legs.

What Does A Hex Bar Deadlift Work?

As with traditional deadlifts, hex bar deadlifts work the posterior chain muscles. This includes the hamstrings, glutes, and lower back.

But hex bar body mechanics also involve the quads on the front of your legs. So essentially, it’s like a hybrid deadlift and squat.

How Much Does A Hex Bar Weigh Cheapo

Hex Bar vs Barbell Deadlift

Check out my article on the hex bar vs barbell deadlift for a more detailed breakdown of these exercises. Or watch the video below to see a side-by-side comparison.

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How Much Does A Smith Machine Bar Weigh?

At this point, you’re pretty much an expert on the hex bar. But you may still have questions about other specialty bars.

Like, “how much does a Smith machine bar weigh?”. Well, you’re in luck. I have another in-depth article answering that question!

Click below to find out how much your gym’s Smith machine bar weighs.

How Much Does A Smith Machine Bar Weigh
How Much Does A Smith Machine Bar Weigh?

With this information, you’re well on your way to having more productive workouts using the hex bar. And if you found this article helpful, make sure you check out my other content below!

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