DMHA Pre-Workout

Status & Availability of This Controversial Ingredient

By: Jeremy Fox, CNC, CPTPublished: December 13, 2024

DMHA is a powerful stimulant to increase energy, heighten mental focus, burn fat, and decrease appetite. As a result, it has been a popular ingredient in dietary and pre-workout supplements.

However, recent changes in FDA regulations surrounding amphetamine-like stimulants have forced many supplement companies to change their formulas. So you might be wondering if DMHA pre-workout is still available.

This article gives you a brief history of DMHA and its predecessors. And answers your questions about the safety, legality, and availability of DMHA pre-workout supplements.

DMHA Pre-Workout

What is DMHA?

Dimethylhexylamine (DMHA) is a variation of a synthetic drug developed in 1948 as a nasal decongestant. But pharmaceutical companies voluntarily removed it from the market in the 1970s.

DMHA is also a potent central nervous stimulant that raises your heart rate and burns more calories. So, naturally, this compound worked its way into dietary supplements.

Dimethylhexylamine DMHA Pre-Workout


The original drug developed in labs was called dimethylamylamine (DMAA). In 2006, DMAA first appeared in fat burner and pre-workout supplements to aid in weight loss and workout performance.

I actually took a pre-workout called Jack3d from 2008 to 2011, which contained DMAA. And I must admit the energy and focus were better than any other pre-workouts I had tried. At the time, I didn’t notice any negative side effects.

However, some people reported adverse reactions after taking these supplements1,2. So, in 2012, the FDA banned DMAA because it has not been demonstrated as safe to consume3.

After DMAA was banned, many supplement companies started using DMHA in its place. The main difference between these two stimulants is that DMAA is roughly 3-4 times stronger than DMHA. In other words, it takes 150-200mg of DMHA to equal 50mg of DMAA.

DMHA vs DMAA Pre Workout

DMHA Pre-Workout Status

Currently, DMHA is categorized as a “new dietary ingredient” by the FDA. This categorization means they do not have enough evidence establishing it as a safe dietary ingredient.

Because of this, the FDA considers DMHA as an “unsafe food additive,” and supplements containing it are deemed to be “adulterated.” As such, they’ve made it difficult for supplement companies to continue using this ingredient by issuing warning letters.

As of 2022, you can still buy pre-workout that contains DMHA. However, it might be listed under a different name on the supplement label. So read the ingredients closely to see if it’s in your pre-workout.

Other Names for DMHA in Pre-Workout

  • 1,5-DMHA
  • 1,5-Dimethylhexylamine
  • 2-amino-5-methylheptane
  • 2-amino-6-methylheptane
  • 2-aminoisoheptane
  • 2-Heptylamine, 6-methyl-
  • 2-Isooctyl amine
  • 2-Metil-6-amino-eptano
  • 6-Amino-2-methylheptane
  • Amidrine
  • Octodrine
  • Vaporpac

DMHA Pre-Workout Availability

Some supplement companies have responded to FDA warnings by changing their formulations. However, a few companies are holding out with their DMHA pre-workout formulas.

Here is a list of pre-workout supplements that have included DMHA and their status.

Table 1: DMHA Pre-Workout Availability

Brand Name DMHA Ingredient Status
Goldstar Triple X 2-amino-6-methylheptane HCl Out of Stock
Iron Brothers V1 2-aminoisoheptane Changed Formula
EFlo Nutrition Enrage Extreme 2-aminoisoheptane Changed Formula
Metabolic Nutrition E.S.P. Extreme 2-aminoisoheptane Changed Formula
Forbidden Labz Chaos Unleashed 2-aminoisoheptane Not Listed
Total Body Nutrition 1,3D NOX 2-aminoisoheptane Still Has DMHA
Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Ultimate Orange 2-aminoisoheptane Still Has DMHA
USP Labs Jack3d 2-aminoisoheptane Still Has DMHA
APS Nutrition Mesomorph 2-aminoisoheptane Still Has DMHA
Innovative Labs Wicked 2-aminoisoheptane Still Has DMHA

More DMHA Supplements

In addition to pre-workout, you can find DMHA in fat-burning supplements. But the FDA is cracking down on these formulations as well.

Here is a list of fat-burning supplements that once contained DMHA and their status.

Table 2: DMHA Fat Burner Availability

Brand Name DMHA Ingredient Status
Line One Nutrition Lean Pills 2-amino-5-methylheptane Changed Formula
Metabolic Nutrition Synedrex 2-aminoisoheptane Changed Formula
Down To Earth Solutions Simply Skinny Pollen 2-aminoisoheptane Changed Formula
Total Body Nutrition Shredder 2-aminoisoheptane Discontinued
Total Body Nutrition Tummy Tuck 2-aminoisoheptane Discontinued
Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Lipodrene 2-aminoisoheptane HCl Still Has DMHA
Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Synadrene 2-aminoisoheptane HCl Still Has DMHA
USP Labs OxyElite Pro 2-aminoisoheptane HCl Still Has DMHA
USP Labs HydroxyElite 2-aminoisoheptane HCl Still Has DMHA

DMHA Pre-Workout FAQ

Now that you know what DMHA is and which supplements still contain it let me answer your other questions.

What does DMHA do in the body?

The primary function of DMHA is as a decongestant and bronchodilator. This effect means it opens airways and makes it easier to breathe.

Also, DMHA is a stimulant that increases energy, focus, and concentration. And it can potentially raise dopamine and noradrenaline levels to promote feelings of well-being.

What are the side effects of DMHA?

The reported side effects of DMHA include jitters, anxiety, high blood pressure, rapid heartbeat, and shortness of breath. In addition, adverse cardiac events have been associated with DMAA, a compound very similar to DMHA.

Is DMHA pre-workout safe?

Unfortunately, there is a massive gap between supplement claims and medical studies. There is virtually no scientific data on the positive or negative effects of DMHA.

Until we have more information, it’s difficult to say if DMHA is safe, and it’s best to use it cautiously. If you decide to try it, start with smaller doses and avoid using it with other stimulants.

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Is DMHA pre-workout legal?

Currently, DMHA is not illegal. However, in 2019 the FDA classified it as an “unsafe food additive” and is advising supplement companies to discontinue using it as an ingredient.

As a result, many companies have changed formulations in the last few years to remove DMHA from their pre-workout.

Is DMHA banned in sports?

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) added DMHA to its prohibited stimulant list in 2018 under Octodrine (1,5-dimethylhexylamine). This agency covers international sporting events like the Olympics.

In addition, national-level organizations like the NCAA and NFL also ban DMHA. So make sure you check your organization’s banned substance list before taking DMHA pre-workout or other stimulants.

Is DMHA banned in the military?

DMHA is on the DoD’s Prohibited Dietary Supplement Ingredients list, which means you can’t take it if you’re in the US military. Many other countries have similar banned substances lists, so check the labels before taking any supplement when you’re enlisted.

Will DMHA show up on a drug test?

DMHA and similar stimulants can appear on a urine drug test as amphetamines or opioids. If this happens, a confirmation test can identify specific drugs/ingredients.

However, particular organizations may disqualify or discharge you without a follow-up test. So it’s advisable to avoid DMHA if it’s banned in your sport or profession.

Is DMHA worth it?

There’s no doubt that DMHA is a powerful stimulant. But there is a lack of studies supporting its safety and effectiveness as an ergogenic aid.

Therefore, the claimed benefits of taking DMHA probably don’t justify the potentially lethal side effects.

ECA Stack for Energy & Fat Burning

DMHA is getting harder to find in pre-workout and fat-burning supplements. This, combined with the lack of medical testing, make taking DMHA risky.

On the other hand, ephedrine is a similar stimulant that has a long history of medical studies. Not to mention, bodybuilders have used ephedrine in a supplement stack called ECA since the 90s.

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Now you know which pre-workout supplements actually contain DMHA. And you learned whether it’s safe and/or legal for you to take supplements with this ingredient.

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