Endo-Meso Body Type
endo-meso body type

Endo-Meso Body Type

You’re a mix of Endomorph and Mesomorph


  • Gaining muscle is easier for you


  • Your metabolism is slower

  • Getting lean is harder for you

4 Easy Tips for an Endo-Meso Body Type

Although you exhibit some mesomorph traits, you’ll get better results if you stick closer to the guidelines for endomorphs.

The most important factor in reaching your fitness goals is nutrition. And it doesn’t have to be super complicated!

endo-meso body type nutrition

1. Healthy Food Choices

The food you eat is the easiest change you can make to reach your fitness goals. Try to add more natural whole foods to your diet. And avoid processed or pre-packaged foods.

2. Proper Calorie Balance

Next, finding your personal calorie target gives you the most “bang for your buck”.

Often, endomorphs will actually undereat in effort to get rid of their stubborn fat. However, undereating is counterproductive and has disastrous effects on your metabolism.

Therefore, you need to find a calorie target that helps you get lean without crashing your metabolism.

3. Simple Carb Cycling

Third up is macronutrients – specifically carbs.

Alternating days of low and high carbs is called carb cycling. Low carb days burn more fat. While high or medium carb days give you energy when you need it.

In addition, carb cycling promotes metabolic flexibility. In other words, you get better at burning both carbs and fat for fuel.

4. Intermittent “Fasting”

Lastly, you can use intermittent fasting to get lean and muscular. This is the concept of eating less for designated periods of the day. Then eating most of your calories in a certain time frame.

However, intermittent fasting isn’t magic on it’s own. It simply helps to lower insulin for part of the day.

Also, it’s important to realize that you don’t have to fast entirely. You only need to keep carbs and calories lower outside of your feeding window.

Get Your Endo-Meso Body Type Meal Plan

endo-meso body type meal plan

Now that you know you’re between an endomorph and mesomorph body type, it’s time to get your personalized plan. Your plan takes care of the 4 tips discussed above.

With a Premium plan you can even get all of your meals planned. Each meal is formulated to fit your macros. So you don’t even have to count calories!

All you have to do is answer a few more questions. Then you’ll get instant access to your plan.

Get Started

Example Endo-Meso Meal Plan

  • Instant access to an online dashboard from any device

  • Weekly calories and macros based on your workout schedule

endo-meso body type meal plan
  • Daily menus adjust to your activity & schedule with multiple meal options

endo-meso body type medium day
  • Delicious recipes formulated to fit your macros – no calorie counting required!

endo-meso body type recipe example
  • Plus a healthy grocery list right on your phone

endo-meso body type grocery list

Customize Your Meal Plan

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