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How Bodybuilding Workout Plans Work

Choose your goal of  fat burning or muscle building.  Then select a beginner or advanced cardio or weight training plan.  You’ll receive a workout plan template and workout guide book.  All you have to do follow the plan instructions and you will see results fast!

What You Get

Your bodybuilding workout plan is emailed to you immediately.  There is instruction on how to create a workout routine.  You will be given direction on workout splits and how to structure each individual workout. The plan also comes with a comprehensive list of exercise types to help you fill in the template.

In addition to the workout plan, you receive the an in depth Guide.  It provides information from the fundamentals to advanced training techniques.  So you’ll know what to do to burn fat and build muscle, but you’ll also understand exactly how it works!

Meal Plans and Supplements

Bundle with a custom meal plan and supplement plan to save money and reach your goal even faster!  Check out the Bundles page for more details.

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