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By: Jeremy Fox, CNC, CPT, BSEngPublished: May 3, 2024

I put two of the most common TDEE formulas into an Excel spreadsheet so you can compare the results. You can also try the new, more accurate equation that I developed for my Nutritioneering clients.

Click here to download the free TDEE Calculator Excel Spreadsheet.

Using the Excel TDEE Calculator

I’ve designed this Excel spreadsheet to be easier to use than online TDEE calculators. Everything is on a single sheet, so you can quickly change numbers and compare results.

Here is a quick overview of the various cells in the spreadsheet.

  • Blue Cell – equation used
  • Green Cell – field name
  • White Cell – input value
  • Gray Cell – intermediate calculation
  • Yellow Cell – calculated TDEE

You type your numbers into the white cells or use the drop-down menus to choose an option. Then, you will see your calculated TDEE in the yellow cell.

For the Katch-McArdle and Nutritioneering equations, you need to know your body fat percentage. If you aren’t sure what it is, you can use my free body fat percentage calculator to get an estimate.

The Nutritioneering calculator also adjusts your BMR using your body type. You can take my body type quiz to determine which option best suits you.

TDEE Calculators Explained

I’ve also written a more detailed guide about what TDEE is and why it matters for dialing in your nutrition. So check it out if you want a more detailed background about the various equations and how the TDEE results compare.

Jeremy Explains TDEE & How Calculators Work

TDEE Calculator Explained

Online TDEE Calculator

 If you don’t have Microsoft Excel on your computer, there’s also an online version of the Nutritioneering TDEE calculator. You can learn more about it and try it for free here:

Try the Free Online TDEE Calculator by Nutritioneering

Online TDEE Calculator

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