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Jeremy Fox
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bodybuilding vitamins and supplements

How the Bodybuilding Supplement Plan Works

You choose your goal – muscle building or fat burning.  Then your experience level – beginner or advanced.  And get a supplement plan tailored to you.

What You Get

Your supplement plan is emailed to you immediately.  In this plan you will receive recipes for making your own supplement shakes that combine all the best ingredients at the optimal dosage.  The money saved on store bought supplements alone will cover the cost of this plan!

Also included are example supplement plans for all fitness levels.  And finally, there is a comprehensive Supplement Index compiling all the most effective nutrients for health and fitness.  It contains the name, function, optimal dosage based on experience, and even the best time to take each supplement.  So you’ll always have a quick reference to remind you how to use each supplement!

Meal Plans and Workouts

Bundle with a meal plan and workout plan and reach your goal even faster while saving money!  Check out the Bundles page for more detail.