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meal plans for weight loss and muscle gain

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“In 2016 when I decided to compete in Men’s Physique after some time off from fitness, I asked Jeremy to help me out with my nutrition and workouts. I’ve had trainers before, but Jeremy was very understanding about everything that I was going through and his knowledge and experience helped me a lot. I saw a whole new me for the first time. So for that reason and more, I believe Jeremy’s system will help you achieve your goals!”

Carlos T. – Client & Physique Competitor

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This is a sample of the 4 week custom meal plan document.  Your plan will look similar to this but will have specific targets and instructions for your goal, plan duration, body type, and lifestyle.

In addition to the custom meal plan, you will receive a 15+ page Nutrition Guide.  This in depth guide provides all the nutrition information you’ll ever need to reach your fat loss or muscle gain goal.

meal plan template

The meal plan template is an interactive document that makes creating daily meal plans simple!  All you do is select your workout time and enter your daily target macros at the top of the sheet.  The template automatically updates the meal times and targets for you.

Then just select foods from the dropdown menu and enter the quantity.  That’s it!  The template shows you how close you are to hitting your targets for each meal as well as the daily total.  The meal plan template takes the guess work out of meal planning and ensures you stay on track to your fitness goals.

meal plans for weight loss and muscle gain

meal plans for weight loss and muscle gain

How Meal Plans for Weight Loss and Muscle Gain Work

You choose your goal of  fat loss (shredding) or muscle gain (bulking).  Then answer a few simple questions about your body type and lifestyle.  The meal plan generator calculates your exact calorie requirements for weight loss or muscle gain.  You’ll receive a custom meal plan which provides your macronutrient targets for every meal.  All you have to do is hit the targets by eating the recommended foods and you will see results fast!  The targets are updated every single week to ensure you continue to add mass for the entire plan.

What You Get

Your custom 4 or 12 week meal plan is emailed to you immediately.  There is an overview of the macronutrient and calorie targets for each week of the plan.  As well as daily meal plan templates for each week showing you when and how much to eat.  You also get a comprehensive list of healthy foods as well as several example meal plans.

In addition to the custom meal plan, you receive the an in depth Nutrition Guide.  It provides information from the fundamentals of macronutrients to advanced nutrition strategies such as nutrient timing and carb cycling.  So you’ll know what to do to lose fat or gain muscle, but you’ll also understand exactly how it works!

Finally, you’ll get the easy to use Meal Plan Template which makes creating your daily meal plans simple.

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