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Have you ever started a diet but got stuck when it came to planning your meals?  Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a program that planned your meals automatically?  Well now there is!  It’s called the meal plan template and it makes planning your daily meals simple.  So it’s easy to stay on track with your diet.

You can get your free trial below.  But first let me give you some more information.

Benefits of the Meal Plan Template

  • Stick to your diet
  • Lose weight
  • Build muscle
  • And stay healthy

What is the Meal Plan Template?

The meal plan template is an Excel spreadsheet that automatically generates your daily meal plan with just a few simple inputs.  The template is used in conjunction with a custom fat loss or muscle gain meal plan made specifically for you by Nutritioneering.

Each week you input the nutrition targets from your personalized diet and the template creates a new daily meal plan for you.  In addition, the meal plan is printable on a single page making it easy to take with you or post on your fridge.

How Does the Meal Plan Template Work?

All you have to do enter your workout time and daily target macros at the top of the sheet.  The template automatically updates your meal times and nutrition targets for each meal of the day.

Then you just select healthy food options from dropdown menus and enter a quantity.  As you enter the foods the macros and calories are automatically updated.  So you don’t have to do any math!  Just match the targets as close as you can and you’re done.

Get Your Free Meal Plan Template

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Meal Plan Template

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