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As you probably know, the IIFYM diet can be a simple approach to fat loss and muscle gain. But there’s one problem – how do you know what your macros should be?

Most IIFYM calculators are hard to use. Or they just spit out random macros in exchange for your email address. 😒

That’s why I made an easy to use IIFYM calculator. You’ll get truly personalized macros to help you burn fat and build muscle.

IIFYM Meaning

In case you’re just starting out, IIFYM stands for If It Fits Your Macros. And it’s a dietary strategy in which you eat certain amounts carbohydrates, fat, and protein each day.

The idea is that if you hit your macro targets, you can transform your body. Of course, nutrition is more complex than that, but IIFYM does have benefits.

IIFYM Benefits

First, the number one benefit of IIFYM is simplicity. All you really have to do is count macros.

3 Easy Steps to Count Macros

Second, and the real reason IIFYM works, is calorie balance. Each gram of carbs, fat, and protein has a set number of calories. By hitting your macros, you’re also controlling your calorie intake.

Lastly, the habit of counting macros builds other healthy eating habits. You start paying more attention to the foods you eat.

Limitations of IIFYM

While IIFYM can work, it is not a substitute for healthy food choices. In other words, you can’t eat pizza and donuts every day and expect to transform your body.

IIFYM calculator

How the IIFYM Calculator Works

It’s important to realize that your macros depend on your calorie target. And your calorie target is dictated by your metabolic rate and your activity.

A Smarter Approach to Metabolic Rate

For that reason, I calculate your BMR (base metabolic rate) as accurately as possible. First, by finding your body composition with a fun slider and picture.

Then I adjust for your personal body type. No other IIFYM calculator I’ve seen takes your body type into account in this way.

Calories Adjust with Your Activity

Next, I calculate your TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) based on your activity level.

First, you tell me how active you are in your everyday life. As well as your exercise habits.

In this way, I find out how many calories you burn on days you workout as well as days you don’t.

Finding Macros From Calories

All that’s left is to convert from calories to macros.

Your macronutrient ratio depends on your fitness goal. So, you choose whether you want to burn fat, build muscle, or do a little of both (recomposition).

Body Recomposition: A New Approach to Fat Loss & Muscle Gain

Finally, we arrive at your ideal macro targets for transforming your body.

IIFYM Calculator Instructions

1st Page – Body Type

  1. Use the slider to enter your current body weight in pounds
  2. Choose your gender (you’ll notice the picture changes)
  3. Use the picture and slider to enter your current body fat percentage
  4. Select the best description of your body type

Need help? Take the Body Type Quiz

2nd Page – Activity Level

  1. Choose your normal daily activity level
  2. Select how many days per week you exercise
  3. Use the slider to select how many minutes you exercise
  4. Choose the type of exercise you do

3rd Page – Preferences

  1. Select the time of day you normally exercise
  2. Choose your fitness goal

4th Page – Get Your Plan

Create your free account and get access to your plan and other helpful tools.

Get Your IIFYM Meal Plan

Once you find your macros, you have about 60% of the nutrition puzzle solved. The remaining 40% is what you eat and when you eat.

Included With Your Plan:

  • Know exactly what to eat for every meal

  • Get personalized recipes that fit your macros

  • No counting macros required!

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