Fascia Release: Unleash Muscle Growth & Health

Health practitioners and patients are beginning to see the implications of improved fascia health. Benefits include - increased muscle growth, more flexibility, less pain, and a better immune system. Read more to learn how to improve your health.

Ectomorph: How to Gain Weight When You’re Naturally Skinny

Do you have a hard time gaining weight?  Does it seem like no matter how much you eat you can’t put on muscle?  Well it could be because you’re an ectomorph! But you can gain weight. The key is to learn how to eat and train for your ectomorph body type.  And I’m going to share that here.

High Intensity Training: More Muscle In Less Time

Are you disappointed in the results of your workouts?  The normal response to this is to train longer or more frequently.  When the answer is not to increase duration or volume, but to increase intensity!  High Intensity Training allows you to spend less time in the gym and more time growing.

Body Transformation | The 3 P’s for Fat Loss and Muscle Gain

In this article I’m going to share 3 pillars for body transformation.  A body transformation is a dramatic change in physical composition usually involving significant fat loss and/or muscle gain.  These three pillars, or the 3 P’s, are fundamental to support a successful body transformation: Personalized, Progressive, Phases