4 oz Ground Turkey Protein

Exploring Nutrition Facts of Ground Turkey by Lean Percent

By: Jeremy Fox, CNC, CPTPublished: September 20, 2023

Ground turkey can be a great choice for meat lovers or those seeking a healthier protein option. However, it’s important to understand the nutrition facts before incorporating it into your diet.

Specifically, for a four-ounce serving of ground turkey, it’s essential to know the protein, fat, and calorie content. This blog post will break down these details for you so you can make an informed decision about how to incorporate it into your nutrition plan.

4 oz Ground Turkey Protein

Ground Turkey Percentages

When buying ground turkey, paying attention to the percentage of lean meat indicated on the packaging is important. The USDA does not regulate the fat content in ground turkey, but it must remain at or below natural levels, usually between 10% and 15%.

Ground turkey can be found in various options at supermarkets, ranging from 85/15 to 99/1, with 93/7 being the most popular choice. Remember that ground turkey’s nutritional value can vary depending on its leanness.

For reference, the chart below displays the protein content in 4 oz of ground turkey at various percentages. With an increase in the lean percentage of ground turkey, the grams of protein increase while the grams of fat and calories decrease.

4 oz Ground Turkey Protein Fat

4 oz Ground Turkey Protein

For a better understanding of the nutritional value of ground turkey, the table displays the percentage of protein and fat in a 4-ounce serving. Moreover, the third column provides the total calories for each lean point, making it easier to determine your calorie intake.

Table 1. 4 oz Ground Turkey Protein by Percentage

Percent Lean Protein Fat Calories
85% 19.1g 14.1g 203
93% 21.1g 9.4g 169
99% 26.7g 2.2g 127

4 Oz Ground Turkey Protein (85% Lean)

With about 19 grams of protein, a 4-ounce serving of 85/15 ground turkey packs a good punch. However, it is important to note that this serving also has 14 grams of fat, which translates to a little over 200 calories.

While 85% ground turkey is a great choice for making juicy grilled turkey burgers, consuming it frequently in your diet may not be the healthiest option.

4 Oz Ground Turkey Protein (93% Lean)

A serving of four ounces of 93/3 ground turkey contains about 21 grams of protein and 9 grams of fat, with approximately 170 calories per serving.

Moreover, 93% ground turkey is a popular choice at supermarkets due to its balance between cost and flavor, making it suitable for a variety of recipes.

4 oz Ground Turkey Protein Calories

4 Oz Ground Turkey Protein (99% Lean)

Four ounces of 99/1 turkey contains nearly 27 grams of protein and just 2 grams of fat. If you’re more concerned with calorie intake, 99% lean ground turkey is a good option with under 130 calories in 4 ounces.

To sum up, 99/1 ground turkey is an excellent choice for a high-protein, low-calorie diet. It’s also a great alternative to chicken breast in many recipes.

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Protein in 4 oz Ground Turkey vs. Other Sources

When considering different sources of protein, lean ground turkey is often deemed a healthy option. However, it’s natural to compare its protein content to other popular meats like chicken, salmon, and pork.

To help with this comparison, I’ve created a table below that showcases the protein content of 4 oz of ground turkey compared to equivalent amounts of other meats.

Table 2. 4 oz Ground Turkey Protein vs. Other Sources

  Protein Fat Calories Protein:Calories
Skinless Chicken Breast 26.0g 1.5g 120 0.867
99% Ground Turkey 26.7g 2.2g 127 0.841
Tilapia Filet 22.8g 1.9g 109 0.837
Skinless Chicken Thigh 22.0g 8.0g 160 0.550
93% Ground Turkey 21.1g 9.4g 169 0.499
Pork Chop 23.3g 10.8g 189 0.493
Atlantic Salmon 23.0g 15.3g 229 0.402
Sirloin Steak 33.8g 24.3g 354 0.382
85% Ground Turkey 19.1g 14.1g 203 0.376
85% Ground Beef 21.3g 17.0g 238 0.358

The provided table is organized by the protein-to-calorie ratio, with the most efficient protein sources at the top. 

It demonstrates that 99% ground turkey is the second most protein-efficient option after skinless chicken breast, while 93% ground turkey is comparable to a pork chop. At the bottom of the list, 85% ground turkey falls between steak and 85% ground beef in terms of protein-to-calorie ratio.

The accompanying graphic illustrates how ground turkey compares to other low-calorie, high-protein foods.

4 oz Ground Turkey Protein Comparison

More High Protein Food Nutrition Facts

Now you know how much protein is in various lean points of ground turkey. And you’ve seen how it compares to other protein sources in terms of calories and nutrition.

You also got a snapshot of the nutrition facts for some other high-protein foods. But like ground turkey, protein content can vary depending on the type of meat you purchase.

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